4 Affordable Summer Internships for College Students in 2022

Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience in whatever field you’re in. Whether you’re studying journalism, computer science, or law, applying for an internship gives you real-life applications to your course. The benefits of an internship are numerous, spanning educational, career, and financial benefits. An internship doesn’t just put the theory you know into perspective; it is also an excellent way to make money.

If you’re on break for the summer, applying for an internship is the best way to spend the break. Even if you’ve wondered, “how can I buy economics essay,” you will have enough time (and experience) needed to do a good job. We will give you four internships you can enroll in this summer with the necessary details.

  • Grant Thornton Internship

Grant Thornton offers growth programs designed to give college students opportunities and experiences to further their careers. The internship is for undergraduate and postgraduate students in accounting, data analytics, and informational systems, with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 at least. In addition, it is meant for first- and second-year students studying a five-year course and self-identifying as members of a traditionally underrepresented population.

Grant Thornton Internship is an empowerment program designed to equip students with the skills and experiences needed to launch their careers. You’ll acquire the ability to work with teams, even in a complex team environment, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. As an intern at Grant Thornton, you’re part of a team and supported by a community – even after your internship.

  • Scholastic Summer Internship

Scholastic Company is a leading provider of prints, including hardcovers, e-books, and digital instructional materials. In addition, the company produces high-quality instructional materials for students in pre-K to grade 12, technology-based learning programs, and more. As an intern at Scholastic, you’ll learn from top-rated professionals in the industry and work with dynamic groups dedicated to children’s education. This internship is designed for students interested in education solutions, creative design, marketing, trade publishing, book clubs, or communications.

The internship is open to sophomores and juniors and is designed to help students gain experience during the summer. You’ll work for thirty-five hours a week at $18 per hour and be responsible for your housing and travel expenses.

  • PRIOR Research Summer Internship

This internship program is loaded with vast knowledge in AI systems, perfect for computer and computer-related students. You’ll network with talented software engineers and top-rated AI researchers as a PRIOR intern. In addition, you’ll learn how to research with ambition, working in an exciting and interactive workplace to gather skills for a career launch.

PRIOR is an arm of AI2, a learning organization that values diversity and inclusion and emphasizes healthy work-life balance. As an AI2 intern, you stand a chance of winning a $10,000 cash prize and an invitation to return for another internship. 

  • UNICEF Internship

UNICEF offers fully-funded internship programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students from any country and nationality. It allows students to gather practical experience from the knowledge they’ve gained. In addition, you can build a compelling profile for your dream job by being a UNICEF intern. This UNICEF internship is a paid program where you will receive a monthly stipend that covers your travel expenses.

UNICEF will cover all your expenses, including living, feeding, and travel expenses. The internship program lasts six to twenty-six weeks, making it perfect for the summer break. To be eligible, you must be an international undergraduate enrolled in a university for at least two years. You should also be able to speak English, French, or Spanish, have no immediate relatives as UNICEF staff and be at least 18 years old.


There you have it; four affordable internship programs, including one fully-funded internship. These internship programs aim to help undergraduates and graduates gain insight into their fields of study. Furthermore, they provide valuable mentorship that ultimately helps to guide your career goals – and they make for high-quality references and recommendations. After reading this piece, we are certain you will no longer ask “how can i do my homework during my internship?” because you will have nothing to worry about. The majority of these internship programs give room for you to attend to important things.

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