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5 Creative Animated Video Makers for Promoting Your Products

The advent of animated video makers has nullified the need for being an experienced video maker to create animated videos. The applications come with multiple inbuilt features that make the process of video creation a piece of the cake. Whether you are an amateur or a professional video animator, these applications will fit your animation needs perfectly.

Whether you have to make videos for sale, presentations, or simply marketing, animated video makers cover it all. However, when you browse for video animators, you will find numerous video makers. Therefore, the question to choose the best one arises. Hence, to save you from the research of video animators, we have compiled the best ones for you.

5 Best Animated Video Makers For Perfect Animations

When it comes to boosting your business, you should never compromise on marketing. One of the best ways to do effective marketing is to use animated videos. Therefore, the use of animated video makers is crucial to run your marketing campaign smoothly. In light of this, you should choose the best animated video creator on the market. 

So, let’s go through some of the top-ranked cartoon animator makers available out there.

  • Doratoon 

In the world of cartoon animation video maker, Doratoon has established itself as a trusted brand. This animated video maker comes with a number of features and can be used on any browser. It offers several customizable templates along with the feature of smart characters to make a video more relatable and believable to viewers. Another best part about using Doratoon is that you can convert ppts to videos and present your products at the meetings too. Moreover, the video quality is quite flawless and top-notch.

So let’s have a peek into some outstanding features of Doratoon:

  • Text-to-speech option to convey your message and text easily without speaking
  • Allows you to create characters from scratch or customize the premade to market your products effectively
  • Allows you to add engaging subtitles for your products just with a single click
  • Offers motion graphics for jaw-dropping animations to promote your brands vividly 
  • A vast library of business templates, and royalty-free music
  • Powtoon

The second one on our list of best animation creators is Powtoon. Apart from offering a free version, you can also buy its subscription. Whether you have to create a video for marketing, enterprise, or even consultation, Powtoon has got you covered. So let’s see how the features of Powtoon help you to create animations:

  • Vast template library to choose from
  • Doodle characters by using the whiteboard doodling option
  • Customizable characters to match your marketing products and campaign
  • Add effects from the effects library
  • Animaker

Animaker is best for creating diverse video animations under one roof. You can use this application to create a number of different types of animation videos. Let’s see what you can do with Animaker: 

  • Create 2D animations, infographics, Whiteboard videos, typography, and handcraft videos 
  • Offers a number of customizable templates 
  • Animaker allows its users to use music from their archive or add online audio and sound effects too 
  • Easily resize your social media posts
  • Biteable

Biteable is another animation maker which can be used on several browsers to create all kinds of animation videos. Some of its features are:

  • A vast library of animation clips
  • Resize your photos and videos as per the requirement
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from
  • Option of both 2D drawing and 3D modeling
  • Canva

Last but not least on our list of best video animators is Canva. It is a widely known application for creating animated characters. Let’s have a look at its features:

  • Can remove and add background to any image or video
  • Offers a vast color pallet
  • A vast template library
  • A collection of stock videos, music, and animations

To Wrap Up

For promoting your products, animated videos are definitely a good choice for you. Choosing a good video animator is key to creating high-quality animations and hence taking your marketing to the next level. Therefore, when choosing an animator, make sure it comes with all the features that you need for video creation and has a user-friendly interface.

Having said that, Doratoon is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools I have used so far. Once you are comfortable using an animator, you will start enjoying your animation creation. Click here and learn about the best video creator in the market. Choose the required templates and start creating your animated videos today!

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