Parents generally avoid giving their children smartphones because they think smartphones will hamper their studies and health. Well! They are not wrong. We can’t deny that using cell phones is detrimental to our eyesight and may cause other health issues as they produce RF (Radio Frequency) radiation. But there are two sides to every coin. On one side, where students might get distracted from studies by using smartphones or get prone to health issues, the benefits of using smartphones cannot be ignored on the other side. So, let’s address 5 significant ways to judicially use smartphones to achieve better education.


Any research updates or scientific news can easily and quickly reach out to students with the help of smartphones via YouTube videos, social media sites, or online news.

 Also, most of the time, when students study something new in books, they cannot understand it theoretically. But with the help of images and videos, they can clarify their concepts practically. Therefore, smartphones allow the quick spread of knowledge and help students save time while studying.


Smartphones allow students to search for a variety of doubts that comes to their mind. It’s human nature that whenever we get a doubt in our mind, we feel stuck, and it becomes tough to move ahead in our studies until that doubt is solved. Using smartphones, students can easily find answers to their questions without waiting for the teachers to solve their queries.


Everyone studies to make a promising career ahead. Currently, there are so many options in choosing a career that students become confused – what to opt for? Which institute should they select? What are the future scopes of the field they have chosen?

Smartphones provide the best solutions to each of the issues mentioned above. Nowadays, institutes maintain their ERP, a laptop or smartphone-compatible software that helps students check their placements, the NAAC accreditation, the fee structure, and everything else students wants to know. Thus, smartphones help students choose their careers better and be confident in their decisions.


The best advantage of using smartphones is that they have made education reach every corner of the world. Teachers can now reach students even without being physically present at the same place. It promotes distance education, allowing a person to complete their degree while working.

Also, few students cannot purchase every book they need to complete their course. But affording a smartphone will allow them to download online books, thereby saving money.

On their smartphones, students can also pay their fees online via the institute’s fee management software. It saves time and ensures quick and safe transactions.


Education is not restricted to just studies. Education teaches you to fulfill all your hobbies and dreams. Hobbies are the best way to utilize our leisure time efficiently by learning something new. Hobbies act as stress-relievers. Students can chase their interests in cooking, dancing, doing the workout, singing, reading novels, and exploring a new place by watching online tutorials or reading online novels using their smartphones.

Smartphones have lots of perks. It depends on us how we utilize it – efficiently or inefficiently? It is our choice to extract good out of something. Smartphones have prevented a break in the studies during the COVID times and have enabled education to reach home. We should value this gift of technology.

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