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Most people probably wouldn’t know what to do if they were asked to name six music bands that they feel are underrated. That’s because, for the most part, people rely on what they are told by the mass media and other conventional sources when it comes to music. So, many great music bands never get the recognition they deserve.

Here are a few examples of 6 music bands that are underrated but rock:

1. The Paper Kites

The Paper Kites is an Australian band formed in 2009 by lead vocalist/guitarist Sam Bentley and keyboardist/guitarist Christina Lacy. The band has released five studio albums and four EPs. They are known for their indie rock/folk rock sound.The Paper Kites’ sound is based around folk music, with Sam Bentley’s fingerstyle guitar and harmonies being frequent characteristics. The progression of their sound, and the band’s many musical inspirations, has pushed their sound in new directions.

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2. Nekokat 

In early 2015, Nekokat was formed with Jordan Witzigreuter, Cameron Walker of Twin XL, and Jess Bowen of The Summer Set. Nekokat’s first single, “Gimme A Break,” was originally intended to be a track featured on The Ready Set’s fourth studio album, “I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love,” featuring Bowen. However, the song was not used on the album and was instead released as Nekokat’s debut single. The song has an upbeat vibe, with encouraging and motivating lyrics. It’s no wonder that the song has quickly become a fan favorite.

Their music mixes pop and rock, focusing on catchy lyrics and upbeat vibes. They often perform acoustic versions of their songs, which gives them a more intimate and emotional sound.

Nekokat is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the best new bands out there. Their music is perfect for any occasion, from a party to a breakup. So if you’ve been looking for music that’s perfect for any mood, then Nekokat is the band for you.

3. The Goon Sax

Goon Sax

Formed in 2013, The Goon Sax is an Australian indie-pop trio that has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting new groups on the music scene. Composed of Riley Jones, Louis Forster, and James Harrison, the band has a sound that is eclectic and accessible, with a strong focus on song writing. In addition to their work as a trio, The Goon Sax is joined by Alistair Taylor for live performances.

The band is so much fun! They released their debut album, Up to Anything, in 2016, and it was awesome! They followed that up with We’re Not Talking in 2018 and Mirror II in 2021. They’ve performed with Twerps, Blank Realm, U.S. Girls, and Crayon Fields, among others. Plus, their name is a play on words, combining the Australian vernacular for boxed wine, a ‘goon sack,’ with the saxophone’s musical instrument. Who knows what they’ll come up with next?

4. Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words is a kick-ass metalcore/post-hardcore band from Petoskey, Michigan. They formed in 2010 and have released three studio albums: Two-faced Charade, Council of the Dead, and The Incubus. After their 2016 release, The Incubus, they left Revival Recordings and signed with SBG Records.

Famous Last Words’ music is characterized by heavy breakdowns, melodic guitar riffs, and powerful vocals. Their lyrics are often dark and introspective, exploring loss, betrayal, and self-doubt. The band has toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada and has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in metalcore.

5. After The Burial

After the Burial is a super cool progressive metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, they are currently signed to Sumerian Records and have released five of their six full-length albums through the label.

Since its beginning in 2004, the band has undergone two vocalist changes, two drummer changes, the departure and death of founding rhythm guitarist Justin Lowe, and the departure of bassist Lerichard Foral. Lead guitarist Trent Hafdahl remains the sole remaining founding member. They are considered key contributors to developing subgenres such as djent and progressive metalcore.

6. Trampled by Turtles

Trampled by Turtles

Those Trampled by Turtles dudes sure know how to make some sweet bluegrass jams! They’ve got three albums that hit number one on the Billboard bluegrass charts, so they must be doing something right. If you’re into folk-rock with a bluegrass twist, then these guys are worth a listen!

What sets Trampled by Turtles apart from other bluegrass bands is their unique sound. Their music is heavily influenced by folk-rock, giving it a much more modern feel. 


After reading this article, you will have a more thorough understanding of the music industry and why that is. We hope this has helped you to feel more informed and interested in discovering new and upcoming bands. 

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