6 Things A University Student Must Have

The university is a separate republic with its own rules and traditions. It is difficult for freshmen, right after school, to understand and accept them all. Here, no one reminds that there will be a test tomorrow, does not try to influence academic results, does not put grades in diaries, does not offer additional classes outside of class.

There is only a student and a system in which he needs to learn how to live – to take responsibility, control the date of timely submission of reports and papers, prepare for the session and successfully pass exams. All life turns into an interesting strategy game, and every semester is a transition to a new level!

And only you can decide how you will get out of this game: full of strength and inspiration or disappointed and depressed. For the right start, first of all, you should arm yourself with internal fortitude, as well as make the learning process more comfortable. What does a student need to study and what things will be needed from the first day?

Essentials for a student

Specialization determines many things, and even a list of things. A philologist cannot do without a dictionary, and an engineer without a drawing set. But there are things that are useful for any specialty:


Notebooks (preferably 48 sheets), pens, markers of different colors and notepads – all these are mandatory things that should be in every class. You will also need course material. For example, you must get a periodic table with real elements if you are specializing in Chemistry. It is not necessary to collect the entire pencil case, as in school. 2-3 markers of different colors will be enough, they will help to highlight important details in the abstract, 2-3 pens will also be enough.

Convenient backpack or bag

Many girls, having entered the university, dream of parting with a hated backpack and replacing it with a fashionable handbag. This is not prohibited, but if you do not want to constantly carry bags with you, then take care of an ergonomic bag that will free your hands. It doesn’t have to be a backpack, but it should fit an A4 folder, some notebooks, pens, a phone, and a wallet.

Computer Or Laptop

If a tablet or a powerful smartphone was enough for you to study at school, and you wrote your work on your parents’ computer, now it’s time to get your own computer. A laptop or even a netbook is fine. You will have to work in word processors, search a lot of information on the Internet, and make various presentations.

But if you’re at home, it might be a good idea to invest in some height adjustable desk for ergonomic purposes. Sitting all day is not an option if you’re trying to live healthy.

You may even have to master specialized computer programs necessary for working in your specialty. Buying a laptop in this regard will be more convenient, because you can always take it with you to the library or to lectures.

Printer and copier would be a good buy

Buying this equipment separately is quite expensive, but you can buy 3 in 1: scanner, printer and copier. Having such an assistant at home means saving a considerable amount of money over 5 years of studying at the university, which will need to be spent on photocopying and printing.

Desk lamp

This is a normal lamp. It would seem that it is not even worth talking about it. However, many students neglect this advice. Believe me, you will not have one sleepless night. And you will not be not only because of student parties, but also because of the thesis, preparation for seminars and conferences. And to work at night, you need good zonal lighting.


It can be an ordinary notebook where you write down all the necessary information: the lecture schedule, the deadline for submitting articles, the textbooks that you need to find in the library. It is much easier to have one good notebook than to write everything on small pieces of paper and lose them.

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