The interior columns are designed to be elegant. They are straightforward to install in their simple and commonly-used white colour, given their design and decoration.

However, if the architectural beauty of interior columns isn’t enough, you may improve their look even more by selecting paint colours. It’s possible that the column design will allow you to work with existing interior trim detail. A bright colour will draw attention to the columns and give the room some ‘pop,’ while a cool colour will calm it down.

Are you prepared to offer your columns a distinctive look? There are a few pointers to assist you to make a wise selection.

Natural light

Examine the quantity of light that enters the space before deciding on a colour for your pillars. You want colours that will draw attention to the available light, making the space feel even lighter and more inviting.

The colour of other trim

The trim or moulding that makes up the column structure is frequently harmonised with the colour palette. Colours like white, ecru, light tan, and beige, to name a few, are widely used.

You may use the columns to create contrast between the walls and trim colours since they have a commanding presence in more dynamic designs. Here are a few suggestions on how to match the column to the current crown moulding.

The colour of the walls

If you want your columns to blend in, paint them the same colour as the rest of the room. Paint the columns the same colour as your walls if you want them to seem unobtrusive yet impressive.

This is a fantastic strategy for making things look larger because the columns do not physically divide the space. Paint the columns the same colour as the wall adjacent to them if they are in the centre of the room. If your walls are light blue, for example, you may paint the columns the same colour.

Create a contrast

The other option if you want to stand out, use a contrasting colour. To draw attention to the columns, paint them a colour that contrasts (but yet compliments) the walls.

As a result, your focus will be drawn to the columns, which will serve as a classy focal point. Consider a deep, warm brown tone if your walls are cream. Consider a deeper slate colour if they’re light grey.

To tie the space together, consider painting the pillars the same colour as the accent wall.

Great colour options for interior columns

Good old classic white

Because they are reminiscent of the old marble columns seen in Grecian and Roman buildings, white and cream columns give a royal air. Painting your columns white can instantly make your house appear more sophisticated, irrespective of the nature of columns you have or the other colours you choose in your home.

Choose a cold white if the rest of your décor is largely cool colours like blues and teals. Stay with warm whites and creams if the remainder of your home is decorated in warm colours like pinks, corals, and yellows.

Before going ahead with painting your home you should get your home inspected by waterproofing experts in Pune.

Warm-like-the-sun options

Warm colours are ideal for creating inviting and intriguing columns.Red, orange, and yellow are warm colours.

The richest colours are vibrant and powerful, but they may be overwhelming if used repeatedly or without thought. Muted interior pillar colours may make a space feel cosier, similar to a summer or fall day.

Warm colours look well in places that have a lot of movement, such as living rooms. Paint your columns a deep crimson and then decorate them with yellow and orange decorations, for example. It will have a delightful appearance, comparable to a leaf pile in the fall.

Warm colours in dazzling hues can be used as an accent. A bright yellow may liven up a space, but it must be used sparingly to avoid being overbearing.

Painting the columns in white with warm colours that are softly tinted to create subtle warmth.

Cool, breezy go-to’s

Use cool colours to make a space more relaxing. Blue, green, and purple are examples of cool colours. Cool colours may revitalise a space or help you unwind after a long day. They’re ideal for columns in bedrooms and living rooms.

Darker colours may seem more relaxing, while lighter colours may feel more vibrant. For example, a light hue of blue might easily bring up memories of beach water. A darker colour would make you appear to be much heavier get the wall leakages fixed before painting the wall by waterproofing contractors in Mumbai.

In spaces with a lot of activity, cool colours can be used on pillars. However, you may want to use a lighter shade or mix the cold colour with a neutral white.

Darker, frigid colours, such as deep green or navy blue, can give you a sense of security while also creating a welcoming ambience.

Neutral hues

Choose neutral tints to balance out other colours. At first glance, the many colours of white and grey may appear boring. They are, however, extremely useful since they may be used with any colour scheme. They warm up frigid or dark colours while cooling off warm or bright ones.

Black, brown, and pale blue are some more neutral foundation colours to consider. The key to properly utilising neutrals is to use them as accents.

Darker grey tones should be utilised with caution, since they may make a space feel heavier and depressing. They do, however, have an out-of-this-world modern impact when used right.

Neutral-coloured furniture may also be used to balance off warm or cold paint colours.

A final tip:

Make a rapid selection while picking paint colours for your interior columns. Our visual receptors respond quickly to reflected light waves, according to scientists, and transmit information to the brain at the same time.

Long discussions about which colours you like merely result in the colours becoming indistinguishable. Bring new eyes to your decisions, and be ready to jot down your initial impressions.

You can achieve the most exact identification in less than a minute of studying colours. You’re making a choice based on the quality of the light rather than the colour.

A well-chosen and well-considered colour scheme for interior pillars bring the space to life. It exudes elegance and expresses your individuality.


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