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Best Places To Stay In Basel

Basel is a beautiful and historic city, but sometimes finding the perfect place to stay can be tricky. Whether you are looking for a lively nightlife, an eclectic culinary scene, or stunning natural scenery, the city has it all.

But, which part of Basel should you stay in? Do you want to eat at a local gelato shop and take a scenic walk in the old town? Or do you want to dive into the world of modern architecture with awe-inspiring buildings like Riehen Tower or the restored medieval castle and cathedral?

In this article, we will outline the different neighborhoods and districts in Basel and give you our top picks for where to stay in each one.

Hopefully, by the end of this read-through, you will have enough information to make an informed decision about where to call home while visiting Basel.

Altstadt Grossbasel for first-time visitors

If this is your first time visiting Basel, Altstadt Grossbasel is your best bet. This district is located in the middle of the city and is home to some of Basel’s most iconic sights, like the Grossmünster and the old town square.

It has an ancient culture, gorgeous architecture, and fascinating snippets of Swiss history in every nook and cranny. Whether you’re looking to sample Basel’s authentic cuisine or learn about the city’s past, this is the neighborhood for you.

It’s a great place to start your exploration of Basel, with plenty of cafes and restaurants to rest your feet after a long walk. The district is also relatively easy to navigate, making it an ideal place to start your stay.

There are plenty of accommodation options here, from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious apartments. It is worth mentioning that most furnished rentals in Basel provide guests with a variety of extra features, such as indoor appliances, premium furniture, and functional kitchens.

Altstadt Kleinbasel for nightlife

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Basel that will offer you the best nightlife options, Altstadt Kleinbasel is the place for you.

This district is packed with bars, pubs, and clubs, and it’s always bustling with people. It has created the ideal environment to experience the best of Basel’s nightlife, with most bars and clubs offering great music and cocktails throughout the evenings.

The neighborhood is also Basel’s central hub for all art festivities. During the city’s annual festival, this area is very popular.

Kleinbasel maintains a creative atmosphere all-year round with numerous art galleries and excellent concert venues.

Here, you’ll find plenty of establishments that will provide you with all the entertainment and excitement that you need while you’re in Basel.

St Alban – perfect for relaxing

Commonly known as the Venice of Basel, this area is peaceful and has plenty of great parks and green spaces to enjoy. Even a morning stroll is an incredible experience as you breathe in the fresh air.

St. Alban is a great area to relax if you’re looking for a quiet escape from the noise and bustle of the city. There are also a number of restaurants and bars in the vicinity, so you can find something to your liking no matter what you’re in the mood for.

It is home to some of Basel’s most iconic landmarks, like the Church of St. Alban and the Basilica of Our Lady. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by beautiful nature and interesting places to visit.

Bachletten – if you’re traveling as a family

Bachletten is a small residential area located just outside of Basel. It’s known for its picturesque houses and gardens, as well as its calm and quiet atmosphere.

There are plenty of great places to eat and play within walking distance, and the neighborhood is well-connected by public transportation. This makes it ideal if you’re visiting the city with your family.

Families with children will love exploring the various playgrounds and sports fields in the area that are perfect for a picnic or a day spent playing frisbee or soccer.

The district also offers a variety of places to stay if you’re looking for accommodations with family-friendly features.

Some of the best places to stay in Bachletten include the Park Hyatt Basel and Hotel Bellevue. Both places are located within walking distance of many popular attractions in Basel, making them ideal spots for tourists and business travelers alike.

One of the best things about staying in this neighborhood is that it’s close to most of the city’s main attractions. You can easily walk to the Basel zoo, the Botanischer Garten, the Universitätsspital, and the Schlossmuseum.

Gundeldingen – if you’re on a budget

Basel is a city known for its luxury hotels, but sometimes a bit of budget travel is just what you need. One neighborhood that offers great value for your money is Gundeldingen.

This neighborhood is home to a variety of budget-friendly lodgings, making it easy to find something that fits your needs.

You can find hostels, bed and breakfasts, and apartments all within walking distance of each other.

The neighborhood also features a mix of commercial areas as well as residential neighborhoods, so there’s always something to do.

If you’re looking to stay in Basel without breaking the bank, Gundeldingen is a great option.


If you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay while in Basel, your options are plentiful. From traditional Swiss hotels to modern apartments and vacation rentals, there is certainly something for everyone.

It’s important to consider your budget when choosing where to stay, but also take into account what type of traveler you are — do you want to be right in the center of everything or would you prefer some peace and quiet?

Whichever option you choose, we hope this guide has given you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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