There are many subjects that a student learns in their educational term but one of the main subjects are math and science and these might need expert help sometimes since they have more practical implementation than theoretical. Many concepts like the BODMAS, roman numbers, Integration, PEMDAS etc. are difficult but important to understand as they become the base of every step the student will take towards learning the subject of mathematics in the future.

There are online platforms designed for students that help them in getting the best educational help when it comes to complicated subjects like Math. It is complicated only when the concepts and base are not clear and the Cuemath platform is built to exactly make sure that the student is well adverse with all the logic and concepts that go with every topic.

The concept of PEMDAS comes at a later stage than basic math and this is an order of operation that the student needs to remember to follow while solving the mathematical expressions. PEMDAS stands for P- Parentheses, E- Exponents, M- Multiplication, D- Division, A- Addition, and S- Subtraction and it is a little different than BODMAS but the basic knowledge for this is the same. Its different versions are used differently all over the world but the base concept remains the same.

Let us look at some of how a student can benefit from a platform like Cuemath:

  1. Comfort: The Cuemath platform is an online-based platform that can help the students to be at home and still complete all their topics. Because of the pandemic movement has been difficult and since there are many lockdowns and restrictions laid by the government the student does not have to get out of their house and they can get the portion complete just by sitting at home.
  2. Easy: The Cuemath platform is easy to work with as all you need to do is login into your account and you will have access to all the information. You also have personalized content of videos and study materials that you have selected according to the class level you are in. Cuemath is a study platform for students of every level and this will help the students to have a continuous mode of learning.
  3. Mentor: Every student gets a personal mentor and during the course, there is a fewer number of students during the class to promote 100% attention and one on one interaction. A mentor will change the pace of the course once they have understood how the student can absorb the information that is being taught to them.
  4. Price factor: The online platform allows the students to pay lesser money since many costs reduce when everyone is in the comfort of their home. Fewer resources are utilized and this will help in increasing the interaction with the student as well.
  5. Timing: The student can easily select the slot in which they want to study so that the mentors will be available at that time and this increases the willingness of the student to interact on certain topics. Since the pandemic began it has been difficult to communicate properly with students due to several issues which is why if the timing is decided by the student it gets easier for Cuemath to have an efficient interaction.

Cuemath provides study materials that can be accessed at any time and this is a great feature as it makes doubt solving easier. The math classes are planned well to help the student always achieve their goals.


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