Essential 3 Days Weekend Itinerary of Houston, Texas!

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Are you searching for the perfect place to spend your next weekend? Why not plan your next weekend in Houston!! There are many reasons why you should plan your next weekend in Houston. It has an amazing range of things to do and so many places where you can have fun. You can pack so much in your 3-day Houston weekend itinerary and never get bored of your Houston trip. So without any delay, here is a glimpse of what places to visit and what things to do when you are on your weekend trip to Houston.

Day 1: The Museum District

Your weekend will start with a visit to the Museum District. You will spend your day visiting the famous museums in Houston. And that is not all, you can relax in parks and surround yourself with tranquil green spaces. The various stops you will have to visit on this day are given below.

Stop # 1: Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

You will be visiting the green space of Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. The park has a multi-storey waterfall and water fountain and green park. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is a huge space with walking tracks and trails. The water sculptures here are eye-catching and there is a big space where you can sit on the green grass and admire the soothing greenery. You can do a booking for a Houston car rental for under 25 and save time for sightseeing and less time for travel. Dogs are welcome here too, but you should keep them on the leash for the entire time that they are here.

Stop # 2: Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Your next stop for the day would be the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. This is one of the biggest museums in the entire US. The museum is also a world-famous art gallery with over 70,000 curated works of art by famous international artists. There are works by internationally acclaimed artists like Monet, Rembrandt, and Kandinsky among many equally famous ones. You will find sculptures, paintings, ceramics, photographs, drawings, sketches, and many other forms of art on display here. The museum also organizes temporary exhibits and art shows from time to time.

Stop # 3: Cockrell Butterfly Center

Kids and adults will love the butterflies kept indoors here at Cockrell Butterfly Center. Besides the butterflies, there are frogs, lizards, and other creatures too. The entire space has greenery and waterfalls and plants that simulate the green environs of the outdoors. Children can learn more about pollination and the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies. You can then visit the Brown Hall of Entomology and explore the world of insects and reptiles.

Stop # 4: Houston Museum of Natural Science

You will see the biggest hall dedicated only to dinosaurs here at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. On display are dinosaur fossils, life-like dinosaur skeleton replicas, and exhibits from the prehistoric period of earth’s history. You can also visit the planetarium and watch the celestial beauty of stars and galaxies.

Stop # 5: Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

One of the oldest breweries in Texas, the Saint Arnold Brewing Co. is open till about 10 pm. It is a great place to have craft beer. You can order sandwiches, pizza, salads, and beverages.

Day 2: Galveston Island and other attractions

The second day of your Houston weekend trip is the barrier island called Galveston Island. The island is famous for its beaches, shops, and restaurants. You can stop by Nasa Johnson Space Center on your way back from the island. The next stop would be Market Square Park, where you can stroll in the park or relax. You can then visit Minute Maid Park and watch a game against Houston Astros. The last stop would be Washington Avenue, where you can satisfy your hunger pangs with food and drinks.

Stop # 1: Galveston Island

Galveston Island is a barrier island with many beaches. You can have a nice stroll along the beaches or visit Moody Gardens, Bryan Museum, and Galveston Naval Museum, which are famous attractions on this island. You can also go on a Galveston Island Dolphin Tour. There are many beachside restaurants.

Stop # 2: Nasa Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston

Nasa Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston are open to the public. There are as many as 400 space-related exhibits here. The mission control of NASA is also here.

Stop # 3: Market Square Park

Market Square Park is a very old place. You can relax here in the greenery. There are patios, water pools, fountains, and lawns. You can join in the live events which are held here like movie nights, games, music concerts, etc. There are many restaurants around.

Stop # 4: Minute Maid Park

You can watch a baseball game at Minute Maid Park. If you are interested in history, you can go for a tour and learn more about the Houston Astros MLB team.

Stop # 5: Washington Avenue

Washington Avenue has many bars and restaurants where you can drink beer or relish delicious food. There is live music to keep you company and entertain you after all the sightseeing. There are a whole lot of food options ranging from tacos, Tex-Mex food, Mexican, Southern comfort food, burgers, etc.

Day 3: Outdoors

It is the last day of your weekend trip to Houston. On this day, you can check out the various parks and green spaces. You can sit and admire the green environs of the gardens or attend a play at an outdoor theatre.

Stop # 1: McGovern Centennial Gardens

The greenery of McGovern Centennial Gardens will relax and soothe your body and mind. There are many outdoor plants and exotic flowers around. There are eye-catching sculptures, trees, shrubs, and many waking tracks to move around.

Stop # 2: Hermann Park and Miller Outdoor Theatre

You can then move on to Hermann Park and Miller Outdoor Theatre. You can catch a live theatre performance here. There are other events too like dance shows, children’s entertainment, musical concerts, theatre plays, etc. Miller Outdoor Theatre is in Hermann Park. You can pack your lunch or eat out at restaurants here.

Stop # 3: Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is perfect for biking or a gentle stroll in the open outdoor garden environment. This is a huge space with many walking and biking trails. You can paddle a boat or canoe in the lake or rent a bike. There is a skate park too, a children’s playground, and a park for dogs.

Stop # 4: Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a park where you can watch many live events. You can do Yoga here, or watch a movie. There are many art sculptures to admire here. In case you are going in the winter months, there is an ice rink here for winter sports.

Stop # 5: Houston Ghost Tour

Houston Ghost Tour will take you around to some of the most spooky and haunted spaces in Houston. You can walk around and hear all the spooky stories of paranormal beings and ghosts.


The weekend itinerary of Houston can be more exciting and lively if you add these places. You can also come up with some other options if you wish. There is no dearth of experiences you will have in such a happening city as Houston. The sheer number of attractions here and a range of exciting activities to do will keep you busy for the entire weekend tour.

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