Every year the popularity of online casinos and blackjack increases

The Rise of Online Gambling

Every year the popularity of online casinos is growing. You can play them on your home computer or cell phone. Blackjack gambling is in particular demand – a simple card game, the rules of which you can quickly learn. There is a guide for beginners, which publishes a number of tips. Users will get acquainted with the sequence of actions. Interesting facts are also presented. 

Experts have collected a list of reliable casinos with a license, where the range includes blackjack and other table games. If the operation is based on the law, there are a number of advantages. The payoff corresponds to the indicators that are published on the sites of software developers. Withdrawal requests are processed within the time frame specified in the user agreement. The page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_casino describes this type of gambling establishments. 

The Popularity of Virtual Gambling in the United States

Legislation is changing in the U.S. that regulates virtual casinos. Now registration is allowed from four states. Their names are collected in the table for the convenience of users. 


Las Vegas
2 Rhode Island
3 Pennsylvania
4 New Jersey

The entire market for the gambling industry in 2019 was estimated at $53 billion. It is believed that by 2025 it will increase to 95. These figures include the U.S., the U.K., Europe, and other countries. There are individual offerings for residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Separate software is being developed for them. 

It is believed that in the near future such an industry will become more legal for U.S. residents. On the one hand, citizens expect safe bets. On the other hand, there is a good potential for business. On the third – the amount of taxes to be paid to the budget will increase. Probably, gambling industry will probably soon become legal in all states of the USA. 

The Emergence of Digital Casinos

There have been land-based casinos for hundreds of years, but the history of gambling changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet. The innovation was the digital sphere. In 1996, the first site appeared where adult players could register. They had access to:

  • roulette;
  • poker;
  • blackjack.  

Even such a meager collection led to the registration of experienced players who did not have to go anywhere else. Games were run on the home computer (a limited number of people had the latter back then).

Changing the Situation Thanks to Mobile Phones

The situation changed dramatically with the advent of 3G. The development of virtual casinos depended on its spread among people. New phones (smartphones and tablets), which were connected to the mobile Internet, started to be produced. The answer was given by itself – the administration of the sites declared an adaptive version, which was opened in a browser.

After 2008, downloadable applications began to be developed for the App Store and Google Play. The first is suitable for owners of iPhones, the second – for Android phones. 

The popularity of gambling games that run on the phone can be confirmed with the help of statistics. Only in 2019, there were 2.2 billion such users. Mobile casinos are chosen because of the ability to play:

  • from home or office;
  • during vacation;
  • when moving on the train. 

About 56% of them spend 10 hours or more per week playing the game. Another innovation is the smart TV, which is used by 3% of players. This device is chosen by young and old users aged 18 to 24. The number has grown by 10% in the last year, and 25 to 34 years old by 8%. 

Opening the Market to a New Type of Players 

The gambling market has opened up to new players. These are young people keeping up with technological progress. They go to casino sites from their home computer or mobile Internet. There is no more need to make a trip to another city, visit a land-based casino and look for the right time to do so. 

Online casinos attract casual players, which include recreational players. The latter can register, spend 5-10 USD per visit and not come to the site for several months. The gambling industry is also becoming accessible to:

  • people with disabilities and pensioners;
  • people with illnesses;
  • single parents. 

Now those who find it difficult to leave the house can play on the computer or phone. It is allowed to register in several casinos at once. On average, each player has three accounts. Such users choose proven casinos, working on the basis of a license. 

Working in Tandem with Live Dealers  

Modern online casinos cooperate with live dealers. Without this, it is difficult to attract the attention of new players. Croupiers working in dozens of studios around the world are happy to do so. One reason is that the work becomes less stressful. The croupiers are not attacked by aggressive players. During the game, they are in the studio and can be seen on the monitor thanks to the many cameras that are in different locations. Users enjoy a number of advantages.

  1. All the actions of the croupier and his movements around the studio are visible.
  2. There is no random number generator.
  3. Winning depends only on luck.
  4. It is pleasant to communicate with the croupier. 

Players like the entourage of land-based casinos. For example, the casino staff are standing at the table. Users can hear all the sounds that accompany the game. The only difference from the real casino is the need to control the gameplay yourself by pressing the appropriate keys. The croupier only calls to make bets. Chips are placed in the selected cells with the help of a computer mouse. 

Most often, the software for websites is produced by Evolution. There are also other developers. Games are slower than in the ground halls. During roulette, you can watch the ball. Users can hear it knocking. After the spin is complete, those who wish to do so look at the result and check if there was a win or not. 

The Impact of the Global Pandemic

Because of the worldwide pandemic, land-based casinos, racetracks, and betting companies did not receive visitors for months. Problems with movement between countries could resume at any time. The availability of traditional gambling is still in question. At the same time, online casinos are showing steady growth. Users know that they can play from home at any time. 

Only bookmakers’ offices have faced negative moments. The reason is the closure of stadiums and the cancellation of some international championships. 

Reasons for the Growth of Online Casinos

The spread of smartphones is one of the reasons for the growth of online casino visitors. The second is the translation of games to the platform html 5, which is compatible with phones. Fast loading is guaranteed, the introduction of catchy introductory videos is possible. Other reasons for popularity include:

  • The availability of high-speed Internet;
  • Secure payment methods;
  • The ability to use cryptocurrency.

Corporate sponsorships are emerging. Advertisements featuring celebrities are also spreading. There is an offer for users who care about their anonymity. This is a digital currency game. 

Conclusion about the Growing Popularity of Online Casinos

Every year, more and more users prefer to play online. Virtual casinos differ from land-based casinos by many advantages. This is the ability to play from anywhere, the availability of applications for cell phones, the variety of currencies of the game account and payment methods. Detailed information can be read in magazines. For example, https://www.casinolifemagazine.com. 

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