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When training new readers, The Reading Game focuses only on sight words. Six reader sets are included in this boxed set, as well as an eight-page “The Reading Game Rules and Guide.” Each reader set includes a 32-page reader, 60 word cards, and “captioned picture flashcards” (3 in each set).

The Reading Game is well-designed. The opened decks of word cards are stored in a sturdy box divided into sections. (Not having to use rubber bands or baggies to keep the card decks together saves me a lot of time!)

Skunk, Snake, Bear, Penguins, Unicorn, and Zebra are the names of the six readers in the reading game. Each reader set includes 30 new words, many of which come from Dolch and other high-frequency word lists. please pay a visit Students will learn a total of 180 words as well as how to read complete sentences in The Reading Game.

In the first set, words like they, this, cat, play, do, and what are taught. Each set teaches progressively challenging terms one by one. The third set teaches words like after, are, awake, his, honey, know, and where. The sixth set introduces words like alphabet, dolphin, should, goes, goose, hen, loose, and vulture.

Benefits for children: 

Children are not needed to have learned phonics or other reading skills before playing The Reading Game, though they should be aware that letters have sounds and are used to form words. Because the words taught in each reader set, as well as the 30 new words that will be introduced, must be used in order, the readers and their associated cards must be used in order.

The deck of word cards for Skunk is the initial step in working with the learner as a tutor (or parent). Each word-card deck has two of each card (60 cards). Each card has the animal’s name and a number from one to six on the back, making it easy to find the cards you need. At a time, five of the thirty new terms will be introduced.

To begin, consider the following:

Take the first 10 skunk cards and place them upside down in a Memory game, two cards for each of the first five words, to begin reading review at เก็บเก็บเลเวลภาพสวย. This game helps toddlers learn to recognize words, which is the foundation for sight-reading. When one of you or your child claims a matching pair, you or your child will say the words on the cards. Naturally, you’ll need to help the child learn new words at initially. You’ll keep playing Memory with the child until he or she has mastered the five words.

The next five terms are introduced in the same way. Show the first captioned picture flashcard to the child after they have learned ten words and ask them to read it. Each card has a photo with sentences made up of words that the learner has already mastered.

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