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Are you interested in card game tournaments? Are you looking to gain experience in these tournaments? If yes, then you are at the right place and will get all the valuable information.

When we talk or discuss card games, the first name which sticks in our mind is either rummy or poker. This game is played all around the world as it is quite entertaining and easy. There are many online platforms where you can learn more and win. These platforms have card games along with other varieties of challenging games. But, one of the important points is the gameplay of the card games.

The gameplay must meet the standards to welcome the people of highly elite groups. The gameplay of these online platforms must be impressive enough in front of young people.

If the gameplay is impressive enough, then only rummy tournaments of the specific platform can get the maximum players but there are many platforms nowadays which are trying to gain maximum users. 

Online Rummy game 

Every player wants to experience the rummy game as he experienced offline. It needed some advanced technology, data, and personalized experience. The procedure of this is quite difficult but to gain the maximum number of users, the developer team had to do all this.

Whenever you play an online rummy game, you must have got your favorite 13 card game. The rummy tournament will develop your skills and give you entertainment also. 

There are more than 50 million people in the world who want to play online rummy games and especially rummy tournaments to gain experience as well as fame. If the game platform can provide a multiplayer option, then most of the users are going to use that. As with the multiple features, the safety and security of the data will attract the users and they also want to play the games on these platforms. 

Rummy tournaments 

Rummy tournaments are multiplayer rummy games. Here you can play with many players at the same time and win the game. If you want to participate in rummy tournaments, then you have to register yourself so that you can reserve your seats.

It has become quite popular as you can play online. You don’t have to wait for your friends and family to be okay with you.

There are two types of rummy tournaments:

  1. Cash rummy game
  2. Rummy tournaments

In these tournaments, you don’t have to pay and you can win cash rewards and other prizes.

Many online platforms provide online rummy tournaments. Here each table has a specific number of fields and each table has to complete a fixed number of deals. If any of the tables finish its task, then also they have to wait for others to complete the tables.

Getmega is one of the gaming platforms which offers different types of rummy tournaments for its users and huge cash rewards are distributed to the winners.

Tips to use the joker card

  • Create a pure sequence 

In rummy games, the first rule you should use is to make a pure sequence as early as possible. It is one of the initial strategies you can use with a joker card. In rummy games, it is quite important to make a pure sequence as it reduces the points in hand if your opponent makes a declaration. 

  • Use Joker with High-Value Cards

On rummy tournaments, you must avoid high-value cards or cards which don’t make any set. If you use a joker card, then it will help in reducing the hand and also help in making the sequences.

  • Discard Adjacent Cards

If you have a joker card or wildcard, then you can discard the adjacent cards easily. It is the beginner’s strategy where adjacent cards are discarded and wild cards are used in place of them. You can take an example, suppose you have a wild card, 8 diamonds, then you can discard cards such as 7 and 10 and use wildcards to create the sequence with high-value cards. On the other hand, you can use wildcards to make the sequences and avoid making new sequences.

  • Discard the Joker When Required

You must discard the joker card as well. It is not a card that can be used frequently in the game. It is enough to use Joker in 1 or 2 rounds of the game but if you use Joker frequently in the game then it will make things difficult for you.


Now you know all the information regarding the rummy tournament and how to use joker cards efficiently. It becomes important to use a joker card in the rummy tournament because it will make you win the game. However, you can use Getmega to play rummy tournaments. It also provided all the things that are required for winning. The rummy tournament will help you in gaining the best experience of card games and also help in winning some cash rewards. 

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