General Coffee State Park: Things to do near this awesome place

General State Coffee Park

General State Coffee Park

Genera Coffee State Park is one of the best places in which people can go and have fun. The General Coffee State Park is located near Douglas in Georgia. This is one of the ideal locations for RVers that are looking for a rejuvenating and the best getaway. General Coffee State Park was named after the name of a planter, a military leader, and a U.S Congressman General John Coffee. However, the land of this park was given as a donation to the state of Georgia by a few Coffee country citizens in 1970.

The  Park is located in the best place. This park is 1511 acres of land. This park is home to a wide range of plants and wildlife species. Some endangered and rare plants such as cypress trees are also found there. This plant surrounds seventeen miles of the river in General Coffee State Park.

The park is famous for its matchless wildlife species and attractive and rare plant species. This park is a huge attraction for people, birders, and photographers.  The people who are fond of nature and the natural side of the park are more likely to visit this park. However, some people might not be interested in watching the natural side of the park. Such people can visit the historical and agricultural exhibitions. Some of the agricultural exhibitions include a cane mill, corn similar to a crib, and log cabins. These exhibits look so interesting for the people, and that is why people from far-off places come to visit the Heritage farm near General Coffee State Park.

Visitors can do a lot of activities in General Coffee State Park. Some of the best and the most entertaining activities that people can enjoy are listed below.

General Coffee State Park: Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining activities for people. The people who love horse riding can have horse riding trails and facilities in General Coffee State Park. Horse riders can enjoy horse riding ranging from 0.8 to 4.8 miles. Moreover, horse riders can enjoy miles of riding on the edge of Seventeen Mile Rover and Otter Creek. You can also see different types of songbirds and whitetail deer during your ride. Moreover, there is a seven picnic area, and riders can park the horse trailers.

General Coffee State Park: Broxton Rocks

This is another worth watching thing in General Coffee State Park. This area is open for one year-round and is open for 15 miles in the west of the park. Broxton Rocks are quite famous, and they are made up of rare plants, caves, waterfall, and endangered wildlife. The endangered wildlife includes the eastern indigo snake, eastern diamondback snake, and gopher turtle. People who visit his park can drive to the waterfall, but afterward, they are asked to hike the last mile. You can enjoy yourself a lot there by watching the most attractive beauty of a waterfall.

There is also a wide area above the waterfall. Visitors can take pictures and enjoy a meal and picnic there.

If you are a swimmer and confident about your swimming abilities, then you can get into the water for swimming, but it is to be mentioned that the rocks in the water are slippery as they are covered by moss. This is a fun area, and people of every age enjoy this place. Moreover, you can also ask for reservations.

General Coffee State Park: Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm is one of the worth-watching things at General Coffee State Park. These are considered the best secrets. Heritage Farm consists of a petting zoo, a small trail that goes around a big pool, and replica tobacco that has a small museum. Heritage Farm is one of the most exciting things that people of every age can enjoy watching. Moreover, you can see animals, such as sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and donkeys.


Hiking is one of the loved things that people enjoy doing in parks. General Coffee State Park is famous for hiking. This park is quite shady so that the hikers do not have to face weather extremes. Hikers can visit and explore the trails of General Coffee State Park by enjoying the coolness. Visitors can also enjoy the East River Swamp Trail, the Gopher Loop, and the West River Swamp Trail. During hiking, you can come to see gopher turtles, wading birds, river otters, raccoons, and deer. Do not forget to take a hat with you during hiking to provide the rest of the shade to you. You can enjoy watching wildlife while hiking.


Visitors can enjoy geocaching in General Coffee State Park. You can have a few caches in the park. The caches can take visitors on beautiful walks around the park. The purpose of geocaching is to find a suitable cache and trade trinkets with them. The trinkets might be of a greater value or equal value. You need to trade caches before signing the logbook of the park so that it can show that you have found one. You can look on online platforms for preparing geocaching adventures so that you can find several caches in the park. This is one of the most favorite activities that people love doing in Park.


Visitors are capable of enjoying this park because they can do a lot of activities in this area. The visitors can enjoy picnics after the visitors have hiked in any of the seven picnic shelters. The shelters can be as spacious as 30 to 180. Shelters are supposed to be spread all over the park and especially at the starting of trails and moreover at the lake neighboring Heritage Farm.  You can go boating here in the lake. Do not worry if you have not brought your own boat, as you can get pedal boats, kayaks, and canoes available in the park that you can rent over.

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