How To Choose The Right Gutter Guards: Stay Informed


If you have ever experienced the unforgiving rage of a blocked or damaged gutter, especially during the rainy days, then you certainly wouldn’t want to be involved in such a situation again. Gutter guards are the newest elements of the gutter system that reinforce the functions of existing gutter systems in our homes. However, your efforts in strengthening your gutters’ capacities can get dragged into the mud if you choose the wrong type of gutter guard. In this piece, we will guide you on the do’s and don’ts that protect you from investing in the wrong gutter guards.

The Don’ts

Re-using metal materials

The average cost of gutter guards could have you considering already used metal materials. Using materials that were previously utilized in the construction of gutter guards may already be compromised with damage and rust. If you are looking for more long-lasting solutions, you might want to continue searching for first-hand gutter guards.

Wire screen and mesh

Nothing lasts forever. As for wire screens and meshes, they define this reality a little quicker. They retain their appeal for a short time frame in which they begin to lose their aesthetic touch as soon as the dirt and leaves accumulate underneath the wires.

Colored plastic materials

Plastic gutter helmets are inexpensive. We understand the growing popularity of colored plastic gutter guards among homeowners. Nonetheless, external elements such as heat and cold temperatures take an enormous toll on them, forcing them to expand and contract rapidly and unevenly. Eventually, the plastic frames will move out of alignment and create spaces for dirt and debris to invade the inner spaces of the guard deterring its functions.

Complex gutter systems

By complicated gutter systems, we simply mean any sort of gutter that is not easy to replace, fix, or eradicate. Complex gutter systems aren’t always top-quality, as many homeowners might think. Choose a gutter guard that’s easy to clean, inspect, and fix regardless of the professional’s skills.

The Do’s

Made from aluminum

Aluminum is known for its strong resistance to rust. Pay attention to the materials used to make your preferred gutter guards.

The design

Experts recommend perforated holes in gutter guards for effective functioning. These holes should allow water to flow through the gutters and, at the same time, keep out leaves and tree debris. These designs make gutter cleaning uncomplicated.

Moreover, the best gutter guards should allow you to inspect the interior parts of your gutter system easily without having to deconstruct the system. Its visibility should allow sunlight penetration and discourage birds and other pests from living in your gutters.

Simplicity is key

Select a gutter guard that isn’t dependent on a genius’ abilities to install, inspect, replace, and fix. You should be able to check and remove the gutter guard with ease, even in the absence of a professional.

Depending on your choosing criteria, gutter guards can be significant investments or a total waste of money. Following the above-discussed do’s and don’ts, you should be able to choose the right gutter guard for your home.

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