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What do you do when you want to view someone’s Instagram Story Highlights? The easiest thing would be to visit that person’s account, but if you don’t have the account or are using your device’s browser, it would not be possible to see those highlights. Fortunately, this problem has been solved with Imagine (formerly known as ViewInsta). This site lets you view Instagram Stories Highlights on any browser or device without having to log in to your imginn Instagram account.


All about Imagine:

With the instant imginn download app, you can view images of your friends without Login their profile. You don’t need to waste your time waiting for them in queues to be displayed, because now you can get a different experience. With imginn, you can get info about any user photo or saveig it on your PC. The process is very easy – install Imginn Instagram Viewer to any device – phone or computer and enjoy unlimited downloading content from other users of popular social network service. Just visit our website, and enter the username and password of the account you want to download pictures. We will do all work for you!

Also, if you want, you can use our search by name option to find a particular person on Instagram according to their username. We have created a special search by name option because sometimes people change their usernames or create new accounts with new names. However, they still have old photos on old accounts, so if you know the name of such a person, then with the help of the Imginn application, it will be a very simple task for you to find their photos on Instagram. But not only that! You also can search photos by hashtags and location!


The work procedure of Imginn:

How does imginn work? The work procedure of imginn.com Instagram view. First, you need to open your browser, then go to imginn com. After that, please choose what you want to download from your Instagram profile, then click on it. Then, you will see a popup window with all your selected photos or videos download options in a few seconds. Just click on it and wait for some time until your file will be downloaded.

Finally, after downloading, enjoy watching it anytime, anywhere, without using third-party apps like VSCO, Photoshop Express, etc. In short, Imagine is a very simple and easy way to download pictures, videos, or stories (highlights) directly from Instagram viewer anonymously without using any other app. It is not only safe but also a secure way to do so because no one can hack your password or personal information. If someone hacks my account, can they steal money?


Creating an Account at Imagine in Few Steps:

Create an Account: The First Step

If you want to use Instagram Stories, then first sign up on imginn.com, and you’ll be able to view Instagram Stories before they are gone. To set up an account, you needn’t have any technical knowledge. To start, create an email address. You might not want to use your work email for privacy purposes. So, create a long password to keep your identity hidden. You’ll need the numbers: one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number 1 symbol. After completing the verification process, enter your phone number and name.


Second Step: Login to your Account

Log in to your Imagine account by clicking Login. If Login fails on the first attempt, you can try again by clearing your browser cookies. Our site is accessible on any tablet or mobile device without needing to sign up again each time. This makes it easier to use our service! Just click Login when you want to continue downloading from a different device. If a user forgets their password, they will be asked to enter the email address used for registration. A new password is sent to that email address immediately. Users must log in with their new password when trying to access imginn download from a different device.


Third Step: Search for Your Video

Imagine is our favourite tool to download your personal Instagram Stories from either the iOS or Android device. Currently, it is not possible to use it from web browsers, so make sure you have a copy of instagram view on your device. To make it easier, Imagine will need access to your phone’s memory to download video files. You will need an app installed if you want to view your story highlights on your desktop computer or laptop.


Fourth Step: Preview and Download the Video

It’sIt’s always a good idea to ensure your descriptions are still there after you write them. Don’tDon’t worry if you forget a word or a phrase. Once you are satisfied with your post, you can make changes! Next, go to Settings > Preview posts. To have posts with certain tags, you will need to go back and edit the posts you have done to give them the appropriate tags. With this setting, you have the opportunity to edit the content you will share with others.


Fifth Step: Send Video

These are the steps for sending videos via email or another way. Copy a link to your Facebook profile, and send it! And copy the link to your video to your Twitter account (without spaces). You can decide how long you want the video to stay on the screen. This will arrange them in groups. For WhatsApp links, open the WhatsApp app. It will save!

How do you save stories using Imagine?

Click on any image within a story to access its download link. Saveig that image file to your computer or device. You can then upload them to social media from your device or share them with family and friends using popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, email, or WhatsApp. And much more! In other words, you can download stories as well as photos. The advantage of downloading stories is they are stored in their original format without watermarks. Imagine com allows users to download videos & pictures directly from Instagram by simply clicking on any picture in an Instagram story.

And saving it instantly to their computer or device. The application also allows users to save complete Instagram stories without downloading each photo/video. This is made possible through our unique technology, which downloads all pictures & videos simultaneously in a high-quality format. If you have downloaded an Instagram story before, you will know how slow and frustrating it is because every time you click on a picture or video, another page opens up for each of them.


Save images from posts:

To do this, find a photo on imginn instagram that you like and press it to download to your phone. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see more of your display. It is easier to edit if you do this at the top of your screen. To get the photo to start moving, press down on it. If you see a small box next to your screen, it is most likely the image. If you are viewing more than one image, there will be a small icon on each picture. When all images saved, you can return to your feed by clicking Next or Previous under Stories. To edit an image, next, tap on each photo and tap on Edit. Choose between viewing the original, deleting it, or saving it permanently. Before you do anything else, make sure you select the Save Image option.

Hashtag Customization:

If people want to share their links with a custom hashtag, they should be aware that links will follow them regardless of what platform they move to. Hashtags are user-created and can only be attached to a person’s Twitter handle if it’s the only platform they use. Although they are not always integrated into your online identity, some platforms don’t allow users to transfer hashtags between the different networks quickly. Some users might start using preexisting hashtags and then begin using others. This can lead people to stop following that hashtag. To use your hashtag across multiple platforms, develop a clever title. Or rather, create a clever hashtag title. The same hashtag can exist on many platforms for a very long time, regardless of whether platforms are changing.


How do you save profile picture?

You’ll need a high-quality profile photo to have a strong social media brand. Check before publishing it! Take a profile photo in the original and one in high resolution so you can share it in the future. These files can be saved on your computer or uploaded to a cloud storage service like Dropbox. You can have more than one copy of your profile photo, so you have a backup even if it is lost or damaged. And you can also download all the photos from an Insta album if you visit the person’s profile page.

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Other uses of Imagine:

Beyond downloading Instagram Highlights, Stories, and Videos online, Imginn is also an app that allows you to download content from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as other websites like YouTube. For example, they have many apps that do the same thing so it’s important not to overwhelm them with too much information. Some of the ways they might use your app are outlined below. Select the Download Instagram Stories highlighted button to see your Instagram profile photos and adjust your privacy settings. This will save all of your media until you change your settings again. You can find other pieces of information as well.

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