Importance of a Scrum Master In An Organization

Scrum Master

Scrum is an Agile framework that helps the teams to focus on delivering the business value in the shortest possible time. By using the Sprints in the software development, teams complete tasks submitted by the Product Owner easily and on time. Through Scrum framework Developers produce working software in every Sprint, that is one to four weeks. 

The main responsibility of a Scrum Master is to make sure that in a Scrum Framework the Scrum team works successfully. They act as a coach and protector to make sure that the Developers are delivering the products within the Scrum framework and with the quality specified.

Many companies do not choose to hire a Scrum Master, they believe that the team members are already sufficient to work with Scrum. But the Scrum Master has a more profound role than the companies assume. The importance of a Scrum Master in an organization are:

Keeps the team well informed and on track

Every Scrum Master has a profound knowledge of the Scrum framework. This knowledge helps to protect the teams and organizations from the wrong Scrum practices. 

You can get this expertise by enrolling yourself in CSM training. The Scrum Master works with the team daily, to make sure of their performance. They host Scrum meetings every day to get notified of the progress of the product. These meetings help to identify potential hindrances and to work on them. 

Make the Scrum team effective

A Scrum Master builds an atmosphere where the team can work productively by promoting daily Scrum meetings, reviewing Sprints and Sprint planning sessions. They help the team to manage the burnout charts that provide an idea if the Sprint is advancing according to the schedule. They take care of the hassles whether it’s internal or external hassles that might impact the work of the team and the team members themselves.

Eliminates impediments

The team faces few problems initially if they are new to Agile. The Scrum Master manages the impediments that come in the way of the Scrum framework, which helps the team to work to its full potential resulting in a quality-oriented product. Scrum Masters focus on systemic impediments where the team does not know to resolve the impediments.  They have a better understanding of organizational culture, network within the organization, influential and negotiation skills to resolve the global impediments. The faster the Scrum Master resolves the impediments higher is the trust between the team members.

Increase transparency

Scrum encourages transparency. Transparency helps to promote understanding between the team and the organization. If a Scrum team does not live up to the conditions, then the Scrum Master makes the fact evident and tries to make them understand easily. The Scrum works for the Developers in many ways:

  • Encourage Cross functionality between the team
  • Makes the team understand the requirements
  • Help product owner manage the Product Backlog 
  • Follows the principles of the Agile Manifesto
  • Leads the Product Owner to verify the flow of user stories 
  • Develop the Sprint Backlog
  • Ensures the Developers keeps up engagement

Cooperate with the Product Owner

The cooperation with the Product Owner is an important role of the Scrum Master. Scrum Master works closely with the Product Owner through the whole process encouraging collaboration with the Scrum team. They help to make sure to keep the Product Backlog in good shape for each Sprint. They keep a good relationship with the team and the Product Owner as well as with the outside team. The Scrum Master shields the team from interruptions during the Sprint and removes hindrances and distractions to ensure maximum efficiency of the Developers.

Agile engineering practices

The Scrum Master encourages the implementation of the usage of constant integration and testing of Agile engineering practices in the development team. They ensure the condition of the code and remodelling practices in the development team. 

Maintain connections

The Scrum Master carries the knowledge of the organization and acts as a bridge. Listening and observing are the two powerful tools of the Scrum Master to be effective in their work. They work closely with the team to help them identify any disorder within the team.


Scrum Masters have a high level of responsibility to be good in their work. The companies that hire Scrum Master, enjoy the benefits of delivering value fastly to the business, an extremely active team, constant improvements and fewer problems with communication and sometimes no problem at all. To give satisfaction to the skills mentioned above Certified Scrum Master Certification is a must.

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