Importance of Teacher’s Mental Health

Mental Health

You all must have noticed that on some days your teachers seem to be in a bad mood, and keep giving you extra homework and on some days you might find them happy enough to extend your date of project submission. Happened right, ever thought why? Maybe sometimes you may have thought but mostly we ignore it, as we are already too caught up in our own lives to notice the problems and situations of our teachers. But it’s not your fault, because our teachers are so humble and sincere towards their work that they don’t let any situation become a hindrance in their task of teaching students. 

But till what limit is it good for teachers to not talk about the problems they face in their daily routine, the work pressure, taking classes, making question papers, grading papers, talking to parents, answering their seniors and what not all these things and situations often take a toll on teacher’s mental health. 

Teachers are the backbone of the education system, they are the potters who take the young, raw minds of the students and shape them into beautiful, creative and unique people. And if the teachers themselves are not doing well then what will happen to our country’s future, and how much their mental health plays an important role in it. Let’s see

Importance of Teacher’s Mental Health

Affects the health of teachers: The mind and body of a person are always connected, if the mind is not doing well the body becomes ill, and vice-versa. It’s important for a teacher to look after their mind, don’t let it become prey to tough situations, otherwise your body will follow it soon. So take care of your mental peace and happiness to keep your body functioning properly.

Affects their daily routine: Teachers have to do hundreds of things throughout their day. Taking classes, making lesson plans, grading papers, setting question papers, assigning projects and homework and what not. But teaching students is the most important from all these works, and if teachers are not feeling well or are unable to concentrate while teaching, it can negatively affect the students learning too, creating learning gaps in students’s knowledge. That’s why it’s  important for teachers to be mentally fit, to be able to teach effectively.

Affects their relationships: Whether it’s creating a good teacher- students bond in classroom, or having a positive relationship with your colleagues at work. Teachers have to constantly keep their emotions in check and if they have got something in their minds, these emotions get on haywire creating problems for them with other people. That’s why it’s important for teachers to be in good state of mind, to interact with students and colleagues in right manner.

Problems for Teacher’s Mental Health

Workload: The main reason for the increasing rate of mental health issues in teachers is the constant pressure of their work, making them feel anxious and depressed over time. And in these times of pandemic this situation has only worsened as many teachers have lost their jobs or had their salaries cut down even after working for same or even more number of hours.

Poor work culture: It’s often seen that the schools have unrealistic expectations from teachers, they want to teach them, grade papers, answer children’s queries all this in the limited work hours and if they can’t do it within work hours they have to sacrifice their personal and social life time to complete that work.

Less Awareness: There are very few organisations who talk about the issue as sensitive and important as mental health, making it seem like a taboo. Creating a sense of loneliness and helplessness in the people suffering from mental health issues.

Tips for good Mental Health of Teachers

  • Stay relaxed and do one task at a time, instead of creating a chaos in your mind.
  • Set boundaries at workplace, if you’re feeling uncomfortable explain your problem.
  • Ask for help, don’t know how to teach online, ask someone to help you instead of suffering alone. Same goes for your mental health.
  • Take breaks, it’s important for your body and mind to rest properly.
  • Practice things like meditation & mindfulness.
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