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Woody Hayes, the long-time Ohio State head coach known for his fiery temper and propensity to send players flying with bone-crushing blocks. Immortalize by his former student newspaper. The eleven warriors is a news website. The website recently unveiled an article honor the famous former coach by sharing ten facts about him that have never reveal. It wasn’t long before they became an essential part of Buckeyes fans’ internet lives, providing OSU fans with news, and insider information. And an outlet to celebrate their beloved Buckeyes in a community-driven environment. From his favorite food to the number of national championships he won in his career. These are some facts you need to know about eleven warriors Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes.

All about Eleven Warriors:

Eleven Warriors is a sports-news website that covers Ohio State Athletics. The site was launched by eleven Buckeyes who previously played football at Ohio State. Eleven Warriors provides breaking news, game recaps and previews, player profiles and statistics, and more. In addition, it offers free up-to-the-minute score updates for all Ohio State sports on Twitter. Eleven Warriors announced plans to launch an OSU blog covering topics including recruitment and coverage of non-revenue sports like Men’s Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse.

A few months later, they became one of the first independent media organizations to report on potential violations within Ohio State’s football program. ElevenWarriors continues its tradition of providing quality journalism with solid ties to the University with new ventures. Such as their exclusive podcast series Eleven Dubcast which can find on iTunes or through various Android Apps, including TuneIn Radio. Along with their podcast. 11warriors recently partner with Big Ten Network to provide unlimited live streaming of all games that BTN Plus broadcasts.

Who’s working in eleven warriors?

Eleven Warriors is an Ohio State Buckeyes fan blog and independent sports news site. Eleven former OSU players founded the site. The eleven founders are as follows: Robert Smith, Anthony Schlegel, Michael Doss, Marcus Hartman, Maurice Clarett, Tony Hargrove Jr., Jamar Martin Jr., Orlando Williams Sr., Chris Spielman Jr., Sean Nuernberger, and Eric Sugarman. In December, eleven Warriors was acquired by Campus Insiders and has undergone some significant changes. They launched a new vertical called Eleven Warriors OhiOto cover everything from high school to college football in Ohio.

There are many working eleven warriors. They have a job that says Eleven Warrior president. Other employees are Eleven Warrior editor-in-chief, eleven warrior journalists, eleven warrior columnists, and so on. It does not matter what these 11warriors jobs are. What matters most is that they love their work. That is because eleven warriors readers come back for more every day.

How do eleven warriors work?

Eleven warriors are a news website for OSU fans. 11warriors features the latest on Ohio State football and basketball. Daily blog posts from Eleven Warriors writers and contributors, breaking news updates, and more. The site’s social media channels are active with original content that is engaging, and interactive. And edgy while remaining respectful of Buckeye Nation. Eleven Warriors also offers extensive coverage of Ohio State games in Columbus. Or as they’re happening elsewhere – all 100+ football games plus men’s and women’s basketball games. Eleven Warriors writers and staff will be there every step of the way.

Updating followers on game day happenings with live blogs and live tweeting. Fans can expect analysis and opinion pieces following every game, giving their take on what went right or wrong. Eleven Warriors also has a strong team that covers recruiting at both positions- head coach Urban Meyer runs one of the most successful programs in college sports mainly due to his tireless efforts on the recruiting trail. Eleven Warrior recruiters will keep tabs on any prospects worth keeping an eye out for year-round.

Why do eleven warriors matter?

Eleven Warriors is not just a blog. It is Ohio State football’s most prominent and trusted site, with a fiercely loyal readership. Eleven Warriors has existed for years and thrived during times of extreme highs and lows for the Buckeyes football program. As of now, it provides what might be the most reliable information on Ohio State football recruiting. Its staff members are some of the brightest minds in college sports coverage. They also provide excellent reports on other topics in Ohio State sports that have drawn our attention away from football this season. Eleven Warriors is more than a content provider: it’s an institution.

When ESPN went all-in on the independent side of Ohio State fandom. Eleven Warrior became its go-to destination for content on the team. -Mick Rouse said 11 warriors stories matter. Because they are Ohio State football’s most prominent and trusted site. In short, ElevenWarriors matters for several reasons. They’re a force to be reckoned with. But also represents everything we love about this community. Passion, commitment, and knowledge. Now let’s take a closer look at ten things you should know about ElevenWarriors.

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When were eleven warriors founded?

The name, elven warriors, comes from a legend of an 11th man who played football with ten others. It’s an ode to the team player mentality that is so important in college football. It also pays homage to Coach Woody Hayes’ rallying cry Thirteen men! In addition, it name chose, because it makes it easy to identify our team when we’re on social media or at Buckeye events. Finally, eleven warriors is an Ohio State site with some of the most passionate. And knowledgeable writers from all corners of Buckeye Nation. We cover everything from recruiting updates, team analysis, game recaps, breaking recruiting news, and detailed coverage of any story.

It may arise during your favorite Buckeyes season. Eleven Warriors strives to be the go-to destination for Ohio State fans to keep up with their Buckeyes year-round. From College Football Saturdays to signing day, Eleven Warriors will have you covered. In short, eleven warriors is a blog designed by Ohio State fans for Ohio State fans. And while Eleven Warriors has grown into one of the largest. And most popular Ohio State fan sites. It remains true to its roots as a grassroots blog written by Buckeye backers for Buckeye backers. It will continue to honor the legacy of Woody Hayes and every other Buckeye coach that came before him.

Why do eleven warriors cover only Ohio State sports teams?

11 warr believe in the sense of community lost in other media. 11 Warriors believe they are family and want their fans to be family. They want people who live in and love Ohio to have access to quality local coverage. The team at eleven warriors comprises some very talented writers, photographers, and videographers from all over Ohio. They were started by a few friends who grew up playing football with each other and found success in careers outside of athletics. They wanted to create an outlet for discussion about Ohio sports; for articles, interviews, and game recaps without the burden of partisanship.

Their goal was not just to show off the highlights. But also analyze what happens behind the scenes; make sure that stories don’t go untold because there’s no one on staff to write them. Eleven warriors also cover every level of sport: high school, collegiate, and professional. It may seem like these guys take their jobs seriously (they do). But they’re not so severe that they can’t poke fun at themselves now. It has a podcast called The Tip Off which can be heard once a week for the latest Buckeyes talk or check out The Sidelines, where Tony Gerdeman talks directly to the athletes and tells it like it is!

How do eleven warriors report stories?

Eleven Warriors reports stories using original reporting, aggregated content, and user-generated content. They also maintain an Ohio State sports blog on their site. Warriors are one of Ohio State’s most popular websites. It has an entire editorial staff of ten people who are paid to cover topics like the team’s recruiting class, football game coverage, and more. 11 warr posts come in four different categories: features (longer), and quick hits (short). Headlines (top stories) and live updates for games.

The articles have led to many other sites referencing Eleven Warrior’s work and individual tweets from eleven warriors fans. Former Buckeyes quarterback Joe Germaine founded eleven Warriors. It continues to be one of the leading sources of Ohio State athletics coverage. ElevenWarriors provides extensive coverage of all twenty varsity sports teams at OSU – including men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, rowing, golf, and more!

Final thought

Eleven Warriors has become one of the internet’s most prominent and most-read Ohio State blogs. Its featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS Sports, and Bleacher Report. This is an honor for them as they are one of the few blogs to break through into mainstream media. The elven warriors news website continues to grow at an exponential rate. They have reached over 1 million page views monthly, with readers coming from every state and many different countries. Eleven warr will always remain true to its roots in committee to deliver insightful information about the world’s most outstanding University -Ohio State University!


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