Intel Core I5-10400 Reviews: A Great Mid-Priced Processor


Intel Core i5-10400 is an attractive processor, and it’s suitable for all kinds of uses. From powering workstations to running home theatre setups. It provides many of the features found in its higher-end siblings at a much lower price tag. And its Intel HD Graphics 520 makes it suitable. Even if you don’t plan on making use of the processor’s processing power. The Intel Core I5-10400 (née the Intel i5-4430) continues Intel’s consistent release of solid. And mid-priced processors in their Core series of CPUs. This time around, Intel has packed in plenty of power and speed into the Core i5-10400. Making it an attractive choice for mid-priced computers that need plenty of processing power. Let’s take a look at what makes this processor great and see if it might be the right processor for your needs!

Introduction to The Intel Core i5-10400

Intel Core i5-11400 is amazingly evaluated and nimble when it comes to 6 cores or model of F-series. Since AMD lacks a new chip to compete with the 11400, it will have to settle for Ryzen 5 3600. As a result, Intel dominates the gaming market uncontested. Consequently, the i5-11400 earned a point on our best CPU list. That list six-core twelve-thread models in the $150-$200 range models. I never expected to see in that range of a price scale.

When el core i5-10400 got first reviewed this category was several years ago. Despite this, AMD has essentially stopped releasing new products at low prices. Focusing instead on its superior lineup with a Ryzen XT series. They sport the dreadful Ryzen 5 5600X, failed to make any waves in the sub-$200 price category. Rocket Lake was Intel’s first desktop PC architecture launch in 6 years. However, the highest models were limited by AMD Ryzen flagship because of the aging 14nm process.

Specifications of intel core i5-10400

However, intel core i5-10400 is good with Ryzen 5000 processor that have a similar sum of cores. Their pricing is also destructive and the most important specification of l core i5-10400 resulting in amazingly great deals. So, it may be a smart chip. In addition to the price, the Core i5-11400 processor is better for gaming due to its higher specifications that overclock, the lack of need for the motherboard, and is far better in price.

Even with a lower rate or range, the processor (Core i5-11400) remains superior to comparable CPUs in price. Intel added memory overclocking support for all motherboards of the B-series. Because they are capable of pushing most graphics cards on the market. This thing helps to demonstrate how to tweak a couple of power. And settings in the BIOS to boost threaded performance significantly. Currently, Intel’s turbo-boosting technology is available in various types. Many of which offer dual-core and single-core ratios. depending on the chip family. It narrowed the listings to the highest frequencies. Each indicates the boosting tech employed.

The pros of Intel Core i5-10400:

Intel’s i5 10400 is one of those processors that will fit perfectly in any PC user’s budget. Despite costing about $15 less than similar processors. It handles most computing tasks smoothly and easily. Thus ensuring you won’t need to replace it for quite a while. Here are some more reasons and pros to consider purchasing an Intel i5 10400-based computer.

  • The 2.9 GHz Six-Core LGA 1200 Processor from Intel.
  • There is support for Intel Optane Memory, which runs at 2.9 GHz and has a base clock speed of 2.9 GHz.
  • In addition to Intel Boot Guard, Intel VT-d virtualization technology, and Intel Hyper technology. This laptop has several other technological features.
  • It has a fast response rate, which allows the computer to operate at the maximum rate of 3.6 GHz.
  • The use of the turbo function will improve your phone’s performance, and allow it to run more smoothly.
  • To ensure reliable performance, it offers 64-bit architecture.
  • Despite the lower clock speed and higher power consumption. The 14nm process of the Rocket chips still allows them to compete with AMD’s best in a single-threading application.

Intel Core i5-10400 Specs:

Considering that you must buy a new motherboard for the Core i5-10400. Intel’s move to the LGA 1200 socket saps much of its value proposition. By contrast, AMD’s mainstream Ryzen CPUs always support Socket AM4. Boards that include that socket, whether you choose from a range of chipsets. This has been around for years now and you might already own one of them. That is not likely in the case of Intel’s newest models. And that makes their offerings for cheaper processors less desirable.

You wouldn’t need to upgrade the motherboard unless. For some bizarre reason, you were using a board from this generation of Pentium Gold or Core i3 processors. The main point is that how Intel’s latest chip for low-end computers. Therefore, Core i5-10400 is positioned to take on the higher-end AMD lineup in desktops.  Around the $150-300 range. We’ll do this by examining the more technical specs of the competing products first.

Price and rules of intel core i5-10400:

The 11400F only has an Ultra HD Graphics engine and doesn’t support QuickSync technology but aside from the negligible effects on gamers. Most people who buy at this price won’t notice much of a difference. The stock cooler that comes with the i5-11400 is simple. As a rule of thumb, Intel processors enthusiasts either replace it. The stock cooler or change their way of overclocking the chip. However, this chip is fast with the stock cooler as long as it stays within Intel’s suggested guidelines.

Just in case you’re using factory cooling, don’t remove the power limits. The ntel core i5-10400 provides 20 lanes with 4 lanes designated for slot (M.2). PCIe support is more complicated with the Rocket Lake processors. Especially it also runs on motherboards like the 400-series.

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Gaming Intel Core i5-10400 Frame:

While the Intel Core i5-10400 may serve you well for running many games, this mid-tier chip won’t make things work without a discrete graphics card as well.

  • Even if the integrated graphics processor (IGP) is better here than it was on the last generation Pentium and Celeron.
  • Intel’s venerable UHD Graphics 630 silicon has been showing its age for some time.
  • In contrast, i5-10400 AMD’s Radeon RX Vega integrated silicon looks modern in comparison.
  • The Vega 8 and Vega 11 IGPs in the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G and Ryzen 5 3400G.
  • Respectively are solid options for anyone looking to work and play off the same chip on a very tight budget.
  • As Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake CPUs might bring the promise of new Iris Xe IGP silicon and hopefully better frame rates.
  • It is suggested that they avoid Intel’s UHD Graphics 630 until then. This may work fine for productivity, but don’t use it for gaming.
  • The Core i5-10400 did not perform as well as the Core i3-10100 in certain scenarios on the IGP like in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • And Counter-Strike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an unexpected result given the different price points and performances of the two chips.
  • The much faster 3.6 GHz clock rate on the Core i3 CPU, compared to the 2.9 GHz rate on the Core i5, may have contributed to the gap.

Graphics of intel core i5-10400:

As far as graphics go, the Core i5-10400 is using the Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated chipset. It’s got a 350 MHz base frequency and a 1.1 GHz dynamic frequency, with a thermal solution and protection provided by a 3-year warranty. Similarly to other Intel 10th Gen Core chips, the Core i5-10400 includes an Intel UHD Graphics 630 Integrated Graphics Processor. There is also gaming with Integrated Graphics on Intel i5-10400 IGP.

It straddles the line as a chip that can power games as well as any NVIDIA GPU you may have, and a chip that can handle everything you throw at it with the help of its Intel UHD Graphics 630A PCI-Express Gen 3 connection is used to share data between the Core i5-10400F and other components in the machine. This processor does not have integrated-graphics, so you will need to buy a graphics card separately. Using virtualization hardware improves virtual machine performance on the Core i5-10400F.


Is i5 10400 powerful?

Most certainly. The Intel i5 10400 packs an impressive and powerful. And punch into a single core. Most computers purchased these days are equipped with a quad-core processor. And while these provide much greater computing power. They often don’t offer any additional value for most people.

How does a processor work with the motherboard?

One thing to keep in mind with processors is that they need to be paired with a compatible motherboard. To find out if your Intel i5 10400 will work with a specific motherboard, you’ll need to do some research online. Most people use sites like Newegg and Amazon, as these typically have customer reviews that are comprehensive and easy for someone who isn’t very computer savvy to navigate through.

How good are i5 10400 integrated graphics?

Integrated graphics have come a long way in recent years, and you’ll probably be surprised by what you can do with them now. Most everyday computing tasks – from general web browsing to word processing and light photo editing – can be handled very well with even a basic low-end integrated GPU. That said if you’re looking for any serious gaming capability. you’ll need something more advanced.

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