Jewellery Ideas For South Indian Brides

Graceful, elegant, and opulent – these three words perfectly encapsulated the beauty of a South Indian Bride dressed in her traditional wedding attire. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that her representation is no less than that of a goddess. The whole ensemble is a sign of the ancient tradition that still brings a magical look on the wedding day.

If you too want to put together a perfect South Indian bridal look, make sure you buy the right jewellery. Here is our guide on different jewellery ideas for South Indian brides that can help you plan a stunning look for your big day. Let’s begin!

  • Maang Tikka

Also known as Nethi Chutti, mang tikka is an integral part of any South Indian bridal look. It adds a certain charm to the look. Nethi chutti are carved with intricate designs. You can also buy ones that are embellished with different kinds of precious stones like rubies, diamonds, sapphires or clusters of pearls. Some brides also wear Suryapirai and Chandrapirai (sun and moon-shaped hair brooches) on their head along with nethi chutti to get the ultimate South Indian bridal look. 

  • Necklaces 

In South India, gold is the most important metal that brides wear on their wedding day. A gold necklace like a mango mala is the best way to adorn it. Other than that, brides can also try other necklaces such as Kasu Mala (Kaasumala), Palakka Mala, Nagapada Thali, Karimani Mala, Mullamottu Mala, etc. All of them have distinctive styles. If you know how to pair them well, you can also wear more than 4 or 5 necklaces at once. It is even seen that brides who love gold may also wear 12 necklaces!

Note: If you are planning to buy gold necklaces, it’s smart to visit jewellery stores in Bengaluru or any other city to know what’s the current price. Then set your budget and shop accordingly. 

  • Earrings

Just like necklaces, earrings in South India are also available in multiple styles. But there is one thing that’s almost same. Most of the jewellery in a South Indian bridal attire is inspired by the architecture of temples and idols of Gods and Goddesses. They are known as south Indian temple jewellery. These earrings or jhumkis are quite heavy and intricately carved. 

  1. Nose Rings 

Nose rings are another jewellery pieces that are crucial for a complete bridal look. In South India, the nose rings are quite simple and elegant. The most famous style is ‘mukuthi’ or ‘mukkhutti. Designed like a lotus or swan, these are light weight nose pins famous in Kerala and Karnataka. Some brides also choose to wear stud nose pins on both nostrils. However, they can also choose a bigger and more extravagant nose ring based on their style and preference. 

  • Kamarbandh 

Kamarbandh or waist chains are also quite popular, thanks to their timeless vibe. The kamarbandh helps in tying the whole outfit together to give her an elegant yet composed look. A famous waist chain in South Indian culture is Oddiyanam. It is designed in a symmetrical belt that is heavily designed with jewels. There are also temple style waist chains with designs of peacocks, deities, and birds.

Some other types of jewellery that you should definitely add in your ultimate jewellery list for a South Indian bride are: 

  • Arm band or Bajuband
  • Hair accessories such as Jadanagam or hair serpent
  • Temple styled bangles 
  • Anklets and toe rings
  • Rings

Now that you have plenty of jewellery ideas, it is time to begin the shopping spree. You can browse this website to explore the latest designs available in market. This way, you can ensure that your final look is both traditional yet trendy.

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