Maria Victoria Henao: What happened to Pablo Escobar’s Family


Maria Victoria Henao is famous for marrying Pablo Escobar. People get popularity for both good and negative things. In this case, Pablo Escobar’s job offers the worse name any family could imagine. Maria Henao married Pablo without knowing about his crimes. Pablo owned a drug cartel after a few years of marriage with Maria. Maria did not have any idea that she would marry a drug lord.  Pablo Escobar’s family when he died, including his wife Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo, who only started to be known as Maria Victoria Henao in the early 2000s, and their two children, Juan Pablo, and Manuela. As his wife, she did not have any chance to question him. All she was to do was look after the family.

Maria Victoria’s Early Life:

Maria victoria henao was born in a small village, Palmira, in Colombia, in 1961. She had two siblings and used to enjoy dancing. After attending high school, she moved to Bogota, Colombia, and started working in an advertising agency. It was here that she got her first taste of fame when she won a beauty contest called Miss Riohacha. Maria’s brother Carlos was a drug trafficker working for Pablo Escobar.

At the age of 13, she met Pablo Escobar for the first time in 1974 through her brother Carlos. She married Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, a multi-billionaire and drug dealer. However, her husband had numerous enemies and often kept Pablo Escobar wife away from him because he feared for her safety. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian billionaire and one of the most potent criminals ever to exist, trafficking drugs all over the world at a time when it wasn’t considered illegal.

Who is Tata Escobar?

Maria Victoria Henao was just 12 years when she fell in love with Pablo Escobar. However, when meeting this 23-year-old man, she thought of him as her prince charming. The age difference between them is unusual. Further, when she meets him, Maria describes this man as sweet and affectionate. At this young age, Maria did not imagine that Pablo would run a drug cartel in the future. Pablo Escobar’s wife Maria of one of the most notorious Colombian drug lords, Pablo Escobar. And one could argue she was a victim of her husband’s horrific career.

Although they were initially uninterest in each other at first sight, they had an instant connection and end up see each other almost every day after that meeting. It took only six months for the two to marry, due in part to pressure from Pablo’s father and parents (who also had deep reservations about the marriage). After their nuptials, Pablo began his nefarious activities, for which he would eventually be killed.

Maria Victoria Henao’s parents:

Maria Henao life is not very open in front of everyone. Her father’s name was Carlos Henao Vallejo and her mother’s name is Leonor Zuleta. She was born in Palmira Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, in 1961. She grew up beside her brother, Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo, and sister, Pastora Henao Bayen. Victoria was fond of dancing. Maria and Pablo got married due to her brother Carlos as Carlos work for Pablo. Maria married Pablo Escobar at the very young age. Their relationship wasn’t all sunshine and roses, though.

Due to her brother Carlos’ links with Escobar, Maria’s family was aware of his criminal activities. So, they opposed this union. But the couple was in love, they ran away, and after a year, Maria gave birth to her son. The two fell madly in love, but this love story was not to last. Later, when victoria eugenia Henao would become one of the most notorious drug lords of all time, and as his criminal enterprises grew more rampant, Maria victoria henao arents did not approve of their daughter’s relationship or future husband.

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Courtship and pregnancy:

That remains good memory for her. Fifteen years, Maria thought this time would stand still and last forever. At the time of marriage, Maria Henao was 15 years, and Pablo was more than a decade older than 26. Maria victoria henao starts to face some confusion at the time of courtship. When her older boyfriend kissed her, she became very fearful. Also, as a 12-year-old, she did not understand intimacy. However, as an older man, Pablo did not treat his girlfriend according to her age. Moreover, Maria was young to know what was happening to her.

After getting married, she realizes he was having an affair with several other women. However, she pretended not to know anything about it. As she started living with him in Medellin, Colombia, Maria’s life changed for good. She used to live as an ordinary girl before meeting Pablo, but now it is time for her to join her billionaire husband’s luxurious lifestyle. For Maria, their wedding night was the most memorable day of her life.

Maria Victoria’s Relationship with Pablo Escobar:

Maria’s brother Carlos was a drug trafficker working for Pablo Escobar. At the age of 13, she met Pablo Escobar for the first time in 1974 through her brother Carlos. She later fell in love with Pablo, 11 years older than her. Pablo and Maria got married in 1975. When her family raise objections to their relationship as they knew about Pablo’s criminal activity, they both decided to run away secretly and get married. She became a mother a year after her marriage. They lived a luxurious life, moving from Colombia to Mexico and relocating back to Colombia. The couple had two children named Juan Pablo and Manuela.

In 1982, their house in Medellin, Colombia, was destroy by César Gaviria, president of Columbia at that time. Pablo Escobar soon became the most wanted man in America, and he went into hiding along with his wife, Maria Victoria Eugenia Henao. He surrendered himself to the Colombian authorities in 1991, who offer him a deal where he would imprison on an island but could see his family once every two weeks. Pablo would not accept this offer because he feared they might kill him on the island or escape him if given any chance.

Pablo Escobar Killed by Police:

During their wife Pablo Escobar’s 17 long years of relationship, she has gone through a lot of pain along with the entire country of Colombia due to her husband’s deeds. She could not seek help from her family as she ended her relationship with her family members to marry him. Despite all this, she did not abandon him as she might have thought it would be impossible for her to survive without Pablo’s support.

But all Pablo Escobar family efforts turn out futile when Pablo was kill in an encounter with security forces. Soon after that, Maria fled Colombia and hid with her daughter Manuela. But due to frequent attacks by police, she had to leave her country and was exiled to Argentina, where she continues her life under a fake identity.

What happened to Tata Escobar?

His wife Pablo Escobar death and her children Manuela and Juan Pablo sought refuge in Argentina to escape the wrath of Pablo’s fellow drug lords. Argentina granted the family asylum and allowed them to change their identity. Tata became Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. Pablo had done such an excellent job of protecting them that even in his death, Tata was grant asylum in Argentina. Her new identity was ‘María Isabel Santos Caballero’. However, even after being reveal, maria victoria henao keep quiet and never told Pablo’s story.

Victoria Eugenia Henno was Pablo Escobar’s wife and mother of one daughter, Manuela. After Pablo Escobar died, Maria attempted to start a new life in Argentina, but she felt the need to return to Colombia so that her daughter could grow up in the homeland. In 2009, Juan Sebastian released a film called The Sins of My Father, with the help of his mother, in which he apologized for his father’s actions. In 2019, Tata appeared in another documentary, Tata – Escobar’s widow, and published a book Mrs. Escobar: My Life with Pablo.

Maria Victoria’s Life after Pablo’s death:

Victoria Eugenia Henao might have killed because Pablo loved them so much. However, no one knows what happened to his wife and children except his youngest son Juan Pablo Escobar Henao. Juan Pablo was born after Pablo’s death, but he continues living under the name Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos due to safety reasons. After Pablo’s death, she changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero.

She was finally able to create a home in Argentina. She maintained an effortless life there but still; she was arrest in the year 1999. There were charges like theft and money laundering against her and her son. After 15 months, they were both release due to a lack of evidence. Right after that, Maria resumed her quiet life out of the spotlight. Her son works as an architect and lecturer and authored a popular book titled Pablo Escobar. Manuela, her daughter, has never mentioned her father in public and has cut all ties with the family.

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