How news helps us to stay connected? Importance of News

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People will always need a medium that can keep them connected with one another, and that is news. If you are a regular newsreader, then you are more aware of the matters going on throughout the world. Most of the people nowadays skip the thought of listening or reading the news because of the influence of social media. If we talk about our youth only, then we can say that only a quarter of the population of youth hardly reads or listen to the news. No doubt we can get updated through social media, but it does not cover all aspects of the news. You have to go to the channels or mediums that provide you the news daily. You can get updates on global news. Getting a dose of news daily will benefit you and make you feel connected, but how? This is what we are going to find out here:


News Keeps us updated

When we have followed some pages or mediums that provide us news daily, or simply we turn on the TV every day, this gives us new information daily. You can never know what is going on in the other part of the world, but you want to know, then the news is the best medium or way to know this. If we follow the news, then we not only keep ourselves updated on the news in our city but also we are updated on the news of other parts of the world. As human beings, we must know all the events that are occurring. Our life should not be bound to the social media sites that make us feel updated, but we should start giving a try to the news.

News Connects us with elders

We know that news is the old way of getting it, and our ancestors followed the it. If we talk about this generation, then they have tools that do all the work for them. Our elders do not fully know how to handle these devices and use them for the news. If they learn, they will always prefer the old mediums to keep themselves updated on the it. So, we must try to catch up with our elders and start giving them time. The best way to do is to read or listen to the news with them so you can connect with them in their way. Sometimes we cannot keep on getting things our way. Sometimes we have to follow the older traditions so that our elders feel that they still connect with us apart from the internet world where we live.

Open our eyes

Sometimes we are so fascinated by the world of the internet or social media that we miss out on important events that just occurred somewhere in the world. We, as human beings, have our voice that we must use for something bad happening. If there are some events that need our attention, it is not necessary that we will come to know them apart from the news. It will always be the authentic and genuine medium that will give us the updated report. Sometimes when we go through the news, we get a completely different idea of the matter. We may get a different perspective of that matter because we were half-informed or misinformed about it. So, we can rely on the it about such specific news. This is how it opens our eyes and makes us see things that most of the people tend to forget.

Give voice

Today, the power of social media and the influence it has on the world can turn in our way. Everyone has a voice, and it is stronger because of the internet now because our words can reach the other corner of the world in no time. If there is some injustice going on in the world and we come to know through the news, then we can raise our voice or take a stand for it. The news will make us feel the pain of the victims and inform us about the injustice happening to some people. When we start raising our voices, we get a bigger community that is not bound to our country only. This is how we get connected with almost the whole world just because we are keeping ourselves updated with the it. We can serve humanity this way.

Discussion in groups

Assume that you are in a group and there starts a conversation about a recent event going on in the world. Everyone has something to say about it, and everyone is giving their point of view about it. But, there is only one who is sitting blank, and that is you because you do not follow the news. It is then you get to know about the event, but you will not be able to learn about the root of the problem. So, following the news can save you from these embarrassing encounters. You must follow the news because it will make you updated or informed, and then you will also have your point of view during the group discussions. If you have not informed yourself fully about the matter, then you cannot be able to take participation in the group discussions that will automatically make you feel disconnected from the group of people.

You can form an alliance

Assume that there is injustice, and the people from all over the world are furious about it and raising their voices. The news has informed everyone about it. In this way, the people from all over the world can make an alliance against the source that is the root of injustice. In this way, we can connect with the people who are facing injustice, and we, together with the rest of the audience, can appear stronger in front of the opposition. So, reading or following the news must be on our to-do list so that if someone needs us, we must be present for them.

News Conclusion

News is no doubt an older way of information, but it is the best medium that can connect us with the rest of the world.

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