Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Mobile Specs and Unbiased Review


Nvidia has released a new generation of mobile GPUs, which have started to replace older models in the market. This generation was based on Maxwell architecture and includes these GPUs: GeForce GTX 970M and Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile. They are all based on the same GPU called GM204, which brings many improvements compared to the previous one. Include higher bandwidth, increased CUDA cores amount, improved CUDA core performance, and so on.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile:

Nvidia GeForce gtx 980 mobile has great features that every gamer wants to look for in a graphics card. It is one of the most powerful gaming graphics cards in the present time that is used to power up your laptop or pc. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 mobile has excellent game graphics with unique technology that makes your device can run every game in a high-quality setting. The frame rate at 60fps is a must for every gamer who plays in single-player or multiplayer modes.

But if you want to purchase one of these new laptops, ensure that it has an Nvidia graphic card. Because without having an Nvidia graphic card inside. You will never be able to enjoy your gameplay experience in full hd quality. So, before purchasing any, check its specification carefully so you can get what you want from your device. I hope my reviews about nvidia geforce gtx 980 mobile.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Mobile Benchmarks:

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile is built on the 28 nm process and based on the GM200 graphics processor, in its GK110-300-A1 variant. It features 2816 SPUs, 176 Texture Address Units, and 96 Raster Operation Units. The GPU is capable of 5 Teraflops of computing performance. It features 2816 SPUs, 176 TAUs, and 96 Rasterization Operator Units.

NVIDIA has placed 12,288 MB GDDR5 memory on board, along with a 384-bit memory bus interface. It is connected to the rest of the system using a PCI-Express 3.0 x16 interface. The card also requires 400 Watt power supply and has a TDP of 250 Watts. Its price at launch was 309 US Dollars. Benchmark Reviews tested their sample against other competing cards like AMD Radeon R9 Fury X and AMD Radeon R9 Nano. As well as against popular consumer GPUs like Nvidia GeForce gtx 980 mobile.

Relative Performance:

It is a metric that considers how a GPU performs relative to its competition. We take our average frame rate per second. And divide it by the average frame rate of a reference card Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile. The result is express as a percentage. For example, if you see a card with 90% relative performance, it will run 90% as fast as a dia GeForce gtx 980 mobile. If you see one with 80%, it will run 80% fast. In other words, if you have two identical cards. But one has 80% relative performance compared to your current card, it will perform 20% faster than your current card.

The Geforce GTX 880M runs at 75% relative performance compared to an Nvidia GeForce gtx 980 mobile. This makes sense because they are both Maxwell-base GPUs. Therefore, we can expect them to be similar in terms of overall efficiency and speed when performing similar tasks. However, there are some slight differences between them, most notably in clock speed which could make for some exciting benchmark results when comparing them directly against each other. The Geforce GTX 870M runs at 76% relative performance compared to a Geforce GTX 970M. It’s also based on Maxwell architecture, so there aren’t any major surprises here.

Graphics Card Features:

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 is based on an advanced, next-generation NVIDIA Maxwell architecture. The technology offers impressive performance improvements over previous-generation cards. In addition to the features, a graphic card manufacturer adds branded technologies that can be used both in games and in the working process. The FPS counter was used for all tests. Let’s see what position NVIDI A GeForce GTX 980 Mobile has taken in the gaming performance test.

It also has a feature of the benchmark. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Mobile benchmarks can use to determine the performance in standard tests. The world’s most famous models are listed below so you can obtain accurate results. Especially in the case of high loads, preliminary graphics card testing is essential for seeing how well the GPU can handle calculations and data processing. This will give you a clear idea about whether your PC can run modern video games at maximum settings without problems.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile – Board Design:

The design of Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile can be broken down into two main components the size of its die and how many dice are put on one PCB. The 980M is marginally more significant than its competition at around 10 cm2. Still, there’s more to it than meets the eye the GM204 chip has eight billion transistors, which dwarfs Kepler-based competitors by nearly 100 million. More performance! This increase in power means that even though Nvidia hasn’t made any changes to their Maxwell architecture since release.

They still have room to increase performance without increasing power consumption or heat output. How? By using a newer process node with FinFET technology. The move from 28nm to 20nm allows for higher transistor density and lower leakage currents, which means less power used during operation (and when idling) and less waste heat. It’s also worth noting that while most mobile GPUs use GDDR5 memory, Nvidia opted for GDDR5X for improved bandwidth efficiency over previous generations.

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Technical specs of Nvidia GeForce gtx 980 mobile:

Nvidia GeForce gtx 980 mobile is a perfect card to drive heavy graphic games. It supports DirectX 12 and 3D vision but lacks SLI technology compared to its big brothers. Nevertheless, performance-wise it’s still top-notch with 2GB of GDDR5 graphics memory on a 256-bit wide bus. The GPU incorporates NVIDIA’s Maxwell architecture which has shown to be highly efficient in terms of power consumption, with more than double the performance of previous-generation Kepler cards. This means you can play games at full settings while only consuming around 50 watts of power, making your laptop last longer on battery.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable card that will give you great gaming experiences without sacrificing portability, then Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile should be your choice. To get the maximum performance out of your Nvidia GeForce gtx 980 mobile, ensure you have installed up-to-date drivers from Nvidia. Check their website regularly to see if any new versions are available, as these often come with game-specific optimizations or fixes. If you don’t want to bother checking every day, try using the Geforce experience instead.

Final thought:

The NVidia Geforce GTX 980 is a great card proven to be one of, if not the fastest, graphics cards on mobile platforms. If you are looking for a premium graphics experience, look no further. However, if you are looking for a portable form factor device with an emphasis on battery life; NVIDIA has you covered there. In short, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile is an excellent GPU but may not be your best choice if battery life is your top priority.

There isn’t much else to dislike about it. With each new generation of GPUs comes something new and exciting. This time, GDDR5X is a memory technology that promises speeds up to 12Gbps (384GB/s), double what standard GDDR5 offers. Of course, whether all those speeds can make it into real-world applications remains to seen, as many of these technologies seem promising on paper only.

Other Facts:

The vidia GeForce gtx 980 mobile Ti is a beast. It’s one of just two single-GPU graphics cards capable of gaming at 4K. The same caveats apply as with the Titan X, of course. You won’t be able to crank the eye candy to Ultra settings at 4K. You’ll want to stick to High settings, lest your game devolves into a slideshow and even on High settings, you’ll see frame rates shy of the buttery-smooth 60 frames per second threshold in most titles. If it doesn’t sit well with you. You could turn off anti-aliasing entirely, and without this smoothing out the jaggedness on a pixel-packed screen. However, there will be a sizable performance hit. Alternatively, you could buy a monitor compatible with Nvidia G-Sync that syncs the refresh rate of your graphics card and the display. Eliminate any possibility of screen tearing or stutter.

G-Sync ensures that you’ll experience the best most fluid visuals possible. Another solution you could explore is an SLI or CrossFire configuration. If you are willing to live with the difficulties that a multiple-card solution carries for the chance to extract more performance. Regardless of its many drawbacks, it’s important to remember that the Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile is unique. It might not be great, but at least it exists. With $309 saved, the prices almost even and a copy of Batman. If you have money to spare, it still makes little sense to buy the Nvidia GeForce GTX 8 Mobile.


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