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Peloton Rower Review – First Look, Features, and Price


Peloton, the variety behind your preferred at-home workout treadmill and bike, launched Peloton Rower. This confirms that the label is ready and confident to join the cardio fitness industry. Peloton Rower is on a task to change the technique people imagine about home rowing into a more fun, general, and effective full-body exercise. The highly awaited rowing apparatus is available for predesign now. And is evaluated to send at the beginning of December. It is Well-known for the peloton row Bike and then the Stomp. We have collected all the information about Peloton’s current rower launch below.

A Quick Look at the Peloton Row:

The Peloton Rower is a rowing machine of the fitness label Peloton, initially known for its workout bikes & later its tread wheel. The Rower is the prime rowing machine accessible from Peloton, & it is available for booking on the website. Like different Peloton equipment, the peloton Rower sports a giant 23.8-inch touchscreen display with optimized graphics. Moreover, On-screen, a trainer can notice community standings and rowing versification like pace, distance, stroke rate, & calories torched while flowing on-demand rowing exercises & live classes. While we have yet to have the possibility to do some hands-on exercise with the Rower. Similarly, we will bring a deep first view of this latest at-home cardiac apparatus by analyzing its specs and our substantial experience with different indoor rowing apparatuses.


  • Dimensions: 7’10” L x 24” W
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Display: 8 inches HD touchscreen
  • Foldable: Just screen arm
  • Programming: Peloton membership required
  • Resistance Type: Electronically controlled resistance


The peloton rowing needs to be brief on features. Such a new rowing adventure contains all of the essentials like metric-tracking & an ergonomically shaped seat, though the machine comes up equipped with many of property you would not get on a low-priced rower, including:

Pace Targets: The Pace Goal features offer personalized temporary goals within any exercise to help you optimize workout efficiency. Your Rower may tell you to relax or speed up, established on your achievement history & your method in a given exercise.

Live rowing classes: The principal to the adventure is the peloton row machine classes and instructors, of course. All of the memberships contain rowing classes in extension to the previous categories. Rowing classes aren’t convenient with a regular Peloton rower app membership.

Swivel Screen: The screen swivels to create your bounce from the peloton rower to the ground for boot camp, barre, yoga, and more exercise easier—the colossal touchscreen display spin and tilts. Therefore, you may do another non-rowing exercise and still touch along on a fine screen. In addition, there are speakers at the front & back of the shield, so you are always aware of essential instructions.

Leaderboard: Similar to the Peloton Tread & Peloton Bike+, the Rower, gives you a choice to notice the leaderboard for any class. If you are an aggressive person, then this feature will benefit you to maintain your performance in excellent shape & might even acquire you an autograph from your beloved instructor.

Construction & Durability:

According to the designation on the website, the Peloton Rower looks rather sturdy and hefty. Balancing in at around 160 pounds 156.5 to be accurate with a powder-coated and anodized frame, there should not be any problem with stability for the equipment and parts. Moreover, what trouble me with sharp cardio hardware is the technics: It is a required evil. Still, the further the technology part an apparatus has, the more possibility there is in favor of damage. This is not exclusive to rower products—instead, a potential problem for any tense equipment.

The Ergonomics:

All organization calls their equipment ergonomic. In such case of the Peloton Row, the fashioned, cushioned seat & rounded handle-bar are the functional features. On the other hand, the seat seems comfy sufficient & the handle-bar design will position your hands & wrists in a place that imitates the oars of a simple rowboat. The foot springs are flexible and can adjust a lady’s size 5 to a man’s size 13.5. The row promotes height from 4 feet and 11 inches to 6 feet, 5 inches, & user weights as far as 300 pounds. Moreover, the screen provides 25 grades of upright tilt & 45 degrees of flat tilt; hence you can identify the perfect location to avoid twisting your neck or rowing with lofty traps.

Portability & Footprint:

rowing machine peleton names the Row compact, though, with an estimated 8-foot-with-2-foot step & more floor area needed for workouts if you are into that. I would call it something other than fantastic small- place friendly. You may purchase a suitable anchor for vertically saving the machine, however, & the shield arm folds to store horizontal space. As regards transportation, there are cover-mounted casters, though the Rower weighs around 160 pounds. Therefore, it is not very comfortable to move.

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High Require for Home Gym Apparatus:

Home gym apparatus is in huge demand, with no mark of a slow-up & the Rower is a classic piece of apparatus. People with peloton rowing machines, treadmills & bikes are sounding for ways to grumpy-train. Peloton is usually the next piece of hardware people come to turn out their assemblage. Similarly, Rowing has many benefits that players need. It is simple on the joints, allows a full-body exercise, and creates overall strength & fitness. Other advantage includes the following:

  • Good posture
  • Improved stamina
  • A fantastic option for pelotons rowers to instruct in the awful weather
  • High-calorie burn

The Peloton Row Cost:

Pelaton row, the suggested cost recently leaked. That is probably to be nearly $3,200. From this perspective, the initial Peloton Tread, now familiar as the (Tread+) was almost $4,300. Nevertheless, most people suppose the Rower to be charged closer to the new Bike+ cost that was lower by $2,500. That rowing apparatus plus a guarantee starts at $3,195 & from there, rises to $3,570, based on which equipment package you include in A rowing machine peloton. All Access Fellowship is separate & begins at $44 monthly. Similarly, if you have a rower Bike, Guide, or Tread, you may share your fellowship across apparatus.


  • Attractive display & graphics
  • Calm electronic flywheel
  • Form-assist machinery
  • Comfy ergonomic seat
  • Collapsible screen arm & vertical storage choice
  • Solid hardware
  • Rower exercise programming is engaging & good


  • The peloton app charges a further $44/per month
  • Wildly costly for a rower over $3,000
  • No financing presently available
  • Insignificant warranty 12 (months)
  • Large, weighing over 150 lbs

Comparing Other Famous Rowing Machines:

We are ecstatic to see which sort of content appears on peloton rowing machine Digital for the highly anticipated rower machine. Moreover, we have previously seen amazing and attractive content with products similar to the Hydrow, wherever you have an Olympic athlete or world-class coaching you at the water. Hydrow has nailed down substance & practice on their rower machine. It is engaging & keeps you inspired and moving. The Rower is moving to have their task cut out through them whenever it comes up to content.

Another band which is creating extraordinary substance on their rower machinery is Regatta. It utilizes a WaterRower through a fixed touchscreen, but it comes up with a turn. Instead of studio or on-the-water classes, precisely the practice content has been gamified. That is another way to keep you involved and inspired on your rower machine. You may compete in athletics or even race to oppose different users online. Moreover,stylish connected aptness is expanding in popularity & brands are continually innovating & creating new methods for consumers to keep active and healthful at home. Varieties like Ergatta and Hydrow have innovated & brought great commodities to market. Therefore, we are passionate to see in what way Peloton replies with their rowing apparatus.

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