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Personality development means the development of a person’s skills, behavior, and attitude for academic, social, personal, and professional growth and development successfully. In today’s competitive world, to stand out from the crowd, and achieve your goals and objectives, possessing and practicing the right professional development skills are important.

 Many students because of inner fear, lack of proper educational opportunities, health issues, and low confidence are not able to work on their personalities. However, once they go for higher learning courses and jobs, they realize they need of possessing these skills and prefer joining personality development online courses. 

Why online courses for personality development?

When students are in the schooling phase of education, they don’t realize much about their personal and professional development. They limit themselves to the textbooks, or some students are less participatory and vocal too. However, when they enter colleges or start giving job interviews, they get to know the importance of personality development traits.

 The better flexibility, convenience,  comfort, and cost-effectiveness offered to make students opt for online courses in this regard. Online personality development courses allow students to pursue two educational degrees simultaneously or also have an education work balance if students are working. This is the reason that platforms to create and sell online courses for personality development are increasing rapidly nowadays. 

Main personality development skills 

  • Verbal communication skills 
  • Listening skills 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Work ethics 
  • Discipline 

How to teach effectively in online personality development courses 

  1. Have live sessions and interact with all students

For personality development courses, conducting live sessions are very important. In asynchronous learning, working for personality development traits for students would not be effective enough. So plan well and conduct live classes for students. To boost their communication skills and active listening, make sure that you interact with all. With some active speakers, there will also be some students in the class, who stay quiet or reserved. Teachers must try to open them up in the class and make them all vocal. Keep calling out students by their names, and ask basic questions related to the topics being taught. 

  1. Set disciplinary rules and principles

Discipline tops the personality development skill chart. For successful academic and professional development, discipline skills are important to possess and practice. Teaching students what skills and behavior are acceptable and what are not is significant. To do so, teachers must set disciplinary rules for their online courses.

 Set rules such as maintaining regularity for the classes, being punctual by joining the class link at the exact given time, homework submission before the deadlines, timely responses, etc.  Set behavioral rules such as mutual respect, respecting teachers, no vocal and physical abuse, etc. Online selling courses will become better by teaching this way. 

  1. Conduct participatory activities

A teacher-centered approach to teaching will not work to boost the communication, listening, and other personality development skills of students. Therefore teachers should try to conduct more participatory activities in the class. The best participation activity for these courses is group discussions. Divide the class into a few small groups, assign each group a particular topic and ask them to have general discussions one by one. 

One group should be given at least ten minutes for this activity. Other activities such as recitations, question-answer rounds, and debates can also be conducted. This will enhance students’ English speaking skills, and active listening and make them more confident too. Their professional skills and work ethics will also be enhanced. 

  1. Ask them to be confident and overpower their fear 

Many students have a fear of speaking up. They feel that they might be judged, scolded, or joked off. This inner fear stops them from growing and leads to an introverted personality that further affects students’ professional growth. Teachers should ask students not to have these wrong assumptions. Tell students to think positively, be confident and be active speakers. Have general discussions and give students a motivational boost from time to time. 


To stand apart from the crowd and ensure future success, personality development is important for students in today’s competitive world. Many students join personality development online courses. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can teach and work effectively to enhance communication skills, discipline, self-confidence, active listening, and other such skills of students via online teaching modes. 

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