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It is one from our beloved phones of the year, but this pixel 3 xl 128gb is different from what we generally see from substantial-screen phones. For example, it costs less than 1,000 dollars and possesses only a single rear camera eyeglass. Save in favor of its score, greater price tag, and greater battery. Which indemnifies for the greater screen. A phone delivers a nearly equivalent experience to owning a smaller five-point five-inch Pixel 3 xl white equivalent. And that is an excellent thing.

As a recipient from CNET’s Editor’s Option. The pixel 3 xl white is individual of the greatest phones we can buy. In essence, the google pixel 3 xl is only too. Its earlier-wonderful camera is today even better at taking half-light pictures, thanks to a recent modernization. And it takes better photos than an iPhone XS. However, its digital sound helper, Google Assistant, attaches handy features, including screening speed dial. And a phone comes among unlimited obscure storage in favor of photos.

Introduction of Pixel 3 xl white:

The xel 3 xl white is the greatest massive-screened cell phone we can buy currently. One that can arrest stunning photos that your friends would not believe came since a camera phone. You’ll have on be okay among its eminent at the peak of a six-point three-inch display and the greater price. A familiar exchange for an additional screen area within 2019. It is battery life comes to greater, too, and a main cause to choose such a phone over an otherwise similar five-point five-inch 3 xl used white. The pixel 3 xl 128gb has a single of the well-known cameras with a considerable screen. A one-two beat that proposes a wide.

Color-affluent display such photoshoots your friends would not believe came since an iPhone. While different handsets appeared released to take the crown, like a OnePlus 7 Pro, the Huawei P30 Pro. And Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the pixel 3 xl white arguably remnant the greatest camera phone. However, the 12.2MP backface lens is the primary cause to believe. And such Automaton Pie-packing receiver and the 2 full-frontal cameras – an extra lens assist for team selfies – are the 2nd and 3rd cause. Google’s phone maintains the lead within picture-fetching over the entirety. We’ve tested consequently far while it comes for sheer usability – item, snap and acquire a great photo.


  • Greatest camera phone
  • Strong battery life
  • Great six-point three-inch OLED display


  • Not single-hand friendly
  • The Notch comes to tough to ignore

Design and Sound:

The pixel 3 xl 128gb has one from the well-known cameras with a considerable screen, a 1-2 punch such offers a wide. Color-affluent display such shoots photos appropriate friends would not believe came since an iPhone. Though Spatial sound support was allowed upon the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6 within Android thirteen QPR1 beta discharge. Google did not release a feature among a 2022 Pixel Characteristic Drop final month. Rather, the company reported that the quality would create it to consistent Pixel iPhone and a Pixel Pro Buds this month.

And also shared a list from apps such would support a property at launch. Google recently started unrolling an Android safety update in favor of the 2023 January of Pixel 3 xl devices. And its official changelist notes such it allows Spatial sound support upon the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel 7. If you have already obtained an update on the appropriate Pixel iPhone. We should see a modern Spatial Audio entrance within the vibration and Sound section from the Situation app.

Availability and Price of Pixel 3 xl white:

The pixel 3 xl white announcement date was 18 October 2018 within the United States and 1 November 2018. Within Australia and the UK, and initiated thereafter, it comes to Taiwan, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Germany, France, and Canada. At launch, an pixel 3 xl 128gb XL cost was 899 dollars SIM-free in favor of the sixty-four GB storage variation. And 999 dollars in favor of an at its restricted 128GB structure. It appeared to be a minor price hike since the pixel 3 xl white by 50 dollars / £seventy / AU50 dollars.

Yet inexpensive than an iPhone Max by 250 dollars /AU$450/ £230. But it be able to immediately be collected for a much smaller thanks on Pixel three XL deals. However, the latest Pixel 4 XL charge is a little cheaper with the Pixel 3 XL initiate price, at 899 dollars AU$1,279/ £829 for this 64GB from storage mode also £929/ $999 / AU$1,429 in favor of 128GB. Certainly, the elderly device appears discounted now, so it’ll continue to be a further affordable phone.

Bezel and Notch:

The xel 3 xl 128gb has a sizable six-point-inch DEL screen among an 18.5:9 amplitude, an QHD+ determination, and HDR Help among true black grade. It is a greater-quality screen likened to the difficult Pixel 2 XL P-OLED screen we established to be grayed and leave ghostwrite burn-within. There is also further display here also, less bezel, among an eighty-three percent screen-on-body ratio, gratitude to a six-point three-inch screen. However, the greater screen fits within basically similar dimensions from 76.7 x 158 x seven-point nine mm. That is some good progress since the contrive at Google. It is 2 steps forward, and 1 step return when we see a notch cut off at the top.

Neither one we discussed loved it. Several people said they did not mind it also much. That is as confident as things obtained. After trying it every day, we found it hard to ignore a deep notch while browsing websites and seeing videos. It is more complex to ignore than an iPhone notch. Nevertheless, wait, we establish some software deceive to fix such issue: Google’s covert developer tools card offers the aptitude to hide a notch, although the announcement time, icons, also battery life proportion are pushed advance down. A 3rd party app, Notch, comes to better. It positions all such information inside the tarnished notch space. The mystery that this is not apart from the phone over default is perplexing.

Broader Selfies:

Google is not the 1st to perform this, but we like a dual forward camera on a 3 xl. However, the company states the broader lens captivates 184 percent further of a scene with the smartphone XS. Also, the results are impressive. The normal lens captured beautiful much exactly me also my colleague Cristal, but the shift to the broader lens fit within much further of the backdrop. We would have easily pressed a few further people in. If there is a single are where a Pixel 3’s camera cascade behind an iPhone XS, it is video. Within our detailed video gunfight, the iphone captured obviously and crisper footage in many situations, along with better midnight footage and sound quality.

Final Words:

On a hardware head, an Pixel 3 XL acquires prime internals within the shape from the Snapdragon 845 among Four GB RAM and the option from 128GB or 64GB from storage. There is neither microSD choice. The late initiate window within the year noticed the Pixel seated on similar hardware while phones such are six months older also now existence replaced, among the 1st run from Antirrhinum 855 devices initial to show up. Is such a problem? In actuality, no, but you are sure to listen to it as a downside within the figures game. Considering such a phone within 2020 means you are a couple from generations backside, but it quite has plenty from power.

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