Razer Blade Pro 17 – The Ultimate Review of Gaming Laptop


The Razer Blade Pro 17 is a monstrously powerful gaming laptop with a wonderfully high refresh rate that should please even the eSports crowd. But an absurdly high price will likely put off most, especially when finding similar specs for less with rival systems is possible. The Razer Blade Pro 17 is an impressive and versatile gaming laptop created to give gamers all the tools they need to succeed. It has all the power you could ask for with its Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, and 256GB solid-state drive (SSD).

Overview of Razer Blade Pro 17:

Blade Pro 17 is equipped with the Intel-Coffee Lake- 9th generation Core i7-9750H Hexacore processor and twelve threads for an intensive gaming experience. In addition, it depends on the need, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology can increase the 2.6GHz frequency to 4.5GHz for multitasking. The Intel UHD Graphics 630 is an integrated form of graphics that easily supports resolutions of up to 4K (3840×2160) Ultra HD.

You can further boost its performance with a discrete NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, giving us all its power-efficient gaming and advanced technologies for groundbreaking visuals. In addition, the Razer Blade Pro 17 comes preloaded with Windows 10 Home 64-bit Operating System from Microsoft. This OS has efficient security features such as BitLocker drive encryption and device encryption so that confidential data on the laptop remain safe and secure from all sorts of cyber threats.

Feature of Razer Blade Pro 17:

Features of Razer Blade Pro include a Core i7-7700HQ processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. It’s also the first laptop with THX Spatial Audio for authentic 3D sound when watching movies. The display has a 120Hz refresh rate and offers a matte finish that doesn’t attract fingerprints or smudges. Plus, it weighs under 9 pounds and is just 7 inches thick, making it one of the lightest 17-inch laptops available. Razer laptop accessories are compatible with this Razer blade pro 17 model. So, if you have a Razer mouse, keyboard, or another addition, you can use them on this computer.

There are two different configurations for this Razer blade pro 17 model, which vary in price, but both come standard with 16GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage. And Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system. So, Razer blade pro 17 is perfect for frequent travelers. Who wants the best performance from their new gaming laptop while on the go? It comes with a Powerplay pad that attaches to your desk and wirelessly powers your Razer Blade Pro 17. And its three USB ports allow for charging devices and transferring data simultaneously.

A processor of Razer Blade Pro 17:

Razer Laptop is sufficient for handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Plus, its 256GB PCIe SSD coupled with 1TB HDD delivers fast performance that other laptops in a similar range can’t match. But still, those who are hardcore gamers want a gaming laptop that can cater to their needs accordingly. There’s an option to add another 512GB SSD drive from Razer.

The laptop is not all because it also consumes less power besides offering excellent performance. And has a low thermal design point of 35 watts, making it suitable for home and office usage. If you intend to buy it for gaming purposes, then make sure you play some heavy games on the Razer support website to check if there’s any lag. With Razer blade pro 17, everything becomes easy: from managing files to running programs without even noticing anything slow. It’s the best laptop for people looking for extreme processing power with excellent battery life at an affordable price.


RTX 2060 Graphics gaming laptop features a 4K display and NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics. The laptop has a backlit keyboard, so typing is easier on the eyes. The sharp graphics look great with games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Forza Horizon 4. You can get around 50 FPS in Fortnite at max settings for 1080p and 60 FPS for 2560×1440. This might be a perfect choice if you’re looking for an all-around computer that balances performance and portability. In addition, it weighs just over 6 pounds, which means it’s lighter than most laptops with similar specs.

Plus, it takes 15 seconds to power up, thanks to Razer’s fast charging technology. And if you want to plug in your headphones or game controller, plenty of ports are available to accommodate your needs. This laptop has excellent graphics and performance and is one of the best options. If you want something sleek and powerful. But despite being powerful, it’s also lightweight and portable. At just under six pounds, this Razer laptop is still heavier than some other comparable products.

Display and Storage:

Display and Storage Er Blade Pro 17 has a 144Hz, 1080p panel with a peak brightness of 400 nits. It has good viewing angles and is less reflective than some other displays on the market. It also covers 96% of the sRGB color gamut, which is better than most high-end gaming laptops. In addition, the display can customize for different viewing preferences with NVIDIA G-SYNC (120Hz refresh rate) and AMD FreeSync. Two USB ports and one Thunderbolt 3 port support up to 40Gbps transfer speeds.

In addition, three PCIe x4 lanes allow you to use any GPU without needing an external power connector. The R Blade pro 17 model comes with 512GB NVMe SSD storage, while the 15-inch model comes with 256GB NVMe SSD storage. So, you have plenty of room to store games, videos, photos, and music on this laptop. You can get started quickly by setting up Windows 10 through a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

Razer blade pro 17 camera:

Razer blade pro 17 is the first gaming laptop with a camera. It’s a simple webcam, but it’s immaculate that this was included in this laptop model. The pictures are fuzzy and of excellent quality. Brightness is also excellent, peaking at 434 nits at zero percent. But, of course, Razer laptops do for all companies who are not Dell these days. They add an anti-reflective coating, which retains vibrancy and minimizes light glare.

If you’re recording something for YouTube or another video-sharing site, your viewers can see it. The touchscreen makes up for it. The keyboard is easy to type on, and everything feels smooth. There’s no lag between pressing a key and having the letter appear, which makes typing feel much more natural. Overall, this is an excellent laptop. Unfortunately, the battery life is less than desirable, clocking in at just over three hours when playing videos or surfing the web.

Design and Performance:

Razerblade is designed for durability. With its ability to handle high heat, the chassis stays cool even after extended use. The laptop is sleek and lightweight, which makes it a joy to carry around. It also has a long battery life which allows you to work on the go without being tethered by a power cable. The graphics card on Razer Blade 17 Pro laptop is one of its most vital features. With it, I could easily play games like GTA V at ultra settings.

However, some reports show GPU throttling kicks in when gaming at full load for an extended period. Everything you need to know sometimes feels awkward due to its position below the keyboard keys. Additionally, since this device has touchscreen capabilities. If your hands are too large or small, then typing may prove difficult as well. Overall, this laptop performs as expected, given its price range.

Is it the best laptop for gaming?

The C Pro i7 4k is a highly high-performance gaming laptop made with the intention of being a near-perfect device for all gamers. Razer blade pro 17 gaming laptop was built to be thin and light. A maximum CPU turbo frequency of 3.9GHz and he is a max GPU clock speed of 1685MHz.It has two built-in fans that are quiet and durable to keep it cool. What you should be most concerned about when looking at any computer that claims to offer.

A gaming experience is not its graphics card or processor but its cooling system. The Er Blade Pro 17 has two large fans that ensure the components never overheat during heavy use by spinning. At 1550 RPMs (revolutions per minute). For anyone who has had their hands burn after long hours of playing games on their lap while sitting on the couch.

The verdict:

The first thing that grabs your attention is the Razer Pro 17 Laptop badge on top of the lid. It had a competitive performance for 1080p gaming. And then turned in a surprisingly strong showing at 4K with a GTX 1080 Ti GPU and 97 frames per on Overwatch. At Ultra quality settings and he is 60 fps on Hitman at Very High quality. Its performance includes features like THX audio processing and dynamic keyboard backlighting. It can also overclock, so there’s plenty of room for extra commission if you care to push it past factory specs. The display has sound color reproduction, solid viewing angles, and low input lag to make gameplay feel smooth.

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