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Grantham is an actor, TV model, and social media personality. Ryan started working in the amusement industry at a youthful age and has appeared in numerous movies or TV shows. However, Grantham is good to recognize Liz in 2011. He was the Illusionist of Doctor Parnassus & Diary of Wimpy, and he also plays billy in his early Television series. Therefore, the Diary secret of the Ryan Nutcracker at the 9 ages, aside from Ryan Grantham, has also starred in some commercials. To current information, Rayan allegedly plots to kill Prime minister Trudeau. Ryan mentioned his scheme to kill the minister in an announcement to police officers and excerpts from his personal journal court. In addition, he never makes it to the residence; instead, go to the Vancouver policeman’s head office to back.

Who is Ryan Grantham?

There have rumors circulating that TV shows with Ryan Grantham as an actress. However, Ryan has a character in a substantial number of movies and TV series. In March, to the information, Grantham entered a culpable plea to the attack of murder in the moment degree. On March 31, 2022, he shot and killed his mom, whose name was Waite and was age 64. Therefore, the occurrence took location in their house in Squamish. CBC information that Ryan also intends to travel with the objective of assassinating minister Trudeau. After a few periods, he informed a policeman at the central office of Vancouver. That department, Ryan was responsible for the death of his mom. A mandatory life carries sentence with several 10 & 25 years of probation ineligibility.


Ryan Grantham supernatural is a famous actor and entrepreneur from Canada. However, Ryan was born in 1998 and is a 24-year-old started work in the movie industry. When Ryan Grantham was a very youthful person, Ryan was also in a whole of films and Television shows. Therefore, Ryan plays Billy in a TV show called the Secret of the Nutcracker.

  • Real Name:   Ryan Grantham
  • Profession:    Actor, Model
  • Age:              24 years old
  • Birth Date:    November 30, 1998
  • Birthplace:    British Columbia, Canada
  • Gender:        Male
  • Nationality:  Canadian
  • Gender:        Male
  • Nationality:  Canadian
  • Mother:        Barbara Waite
  • Siblings:        Lisa Grantham
  • Weight:         50 Kg
  • Height:         5′ feet 6 inches
  • Eyes:             Blue
  • Hair:             Brown
  • Movies:        Undercover, Cheerleader

Actor and TV Personality:

According to the details provided by the sources, Ryan Grantham Riverdale, actor, got his start around the globe. However, when Ryan was just 9 years old, he has play terms of characters in different movies or TV shows. Grantham created the main title in his early TV series, The Secret of Nutcracker. Therefore, you recognize his character in the movies Storm Slap, junior Santa, and Buddies. The Miracle several each other after portraying the personality of Jeffery on the TV program.

Movies and TV Shows List

  • The Secret of the Nutcracker (2007).
  • The Escape of Conrad Lard-Bottom (2008).
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009).
  • Riese (2010).
  • Kits (2011).
  • The 12 Disasters of Christmas (2012).
  • Falling Skies (2013).
  • Way of the Wicked (2014).
  • iZombie (2015).
  • Supernatural (2015).
  • Considering Love and Other Magic (2016).
  • Unspeakable (2019).
  • Riverdale (2019).

Income & Lifestyle:

Ryan Grantham Riverdale’s role occupation brought in a considerable amount of wealth for him. However, the details provide by the genesis, show Ryans isn’t working in the entertainment company at the exhibit time. Therefore, an estimated location he a net worth someplace in the range fo 200,000 & 400,000 million dollars during this period.

The career of Ryan Granthan:

Following the details needed by Granthan got he began in the entertainment industry. However, when Ryan plays a different character in different movies and TV dramas. He creates to this recognize his character Storm Shot 3. Then Ryan Granthan portrayed the role of Jeffery on the TV program Riverdale, and Ryan became a famous actor. The Guard Ryan breakthrough played Arkin in a Television series and then got a significant character in the movie. Diary of a Kid that basic on a title book with an equal period, and Ryan gets part James the biggest one compared to completing each other projects.

TV Personality:

According to an information submitted by an source, Ryan obtained his initiative in an amusement world while he was simply 9 years old. Furthermore, he played various roles within a variety from television and film shows. Within 2007, he produced and starred within his 1st television succession, titled a Secret from the Nutcracker. Moreover, to this, we may acknowledge him since his roles within films such while Attack Cell, Smack Shot three: The Younger League, Buddies Santa, And Carpenter’s Miracle, also a number from others. Later portraying a character from Jeffery on a television schedule in Riverdale, he grow an well-known actor.

Net worth:

Ryan Grantham possesses a approximate net worth from 500,000 dollars as from 2022. He also earns a handsome salary, which comes to around thousands of dollars each year. Within his small professional time, he also fixed himself an earlier identity, is wonderfully determined, and continues to work equally harder to achieve his set purpose. Moreover, his significant source of income comes to his performing career.

Where is Ryan Grantham from?

He comes to Canadian through nationality also Canadian-white with ethnicity. Similarly, he follows a Christian belief, and their race comes to white. However, Ryan’s current age is twenty-four, whereas his horoscope sign remains unknown as his accurate date from birth has not been revealed yet. He murdered his mom Barbara Waite while he was twenty-two years old within 2020. His Dad was absent at a house upon a day from the murder. He shot his sixty-four-year-old mom within a back from the head while she was acting piano within March 2020. Ryan grantham pleaded culpable to 2nd-degree murder preceding such year, later initially creature charged with 1st-degree murder.

Is Ryan Grantham in a relationship?

He is a single man. Granthan likes to maintain his personal life from social media, but granthan has neither disclosed any information about his connection. Respecting its decision, it can be stated that Ryan comes to currently living a single life. Pondering on his reproductive orientation, he comes to straight.

How tall is Ryan Grantham?

Ryan stands at a perfect height from five ft eight inches among a rational body weight from sixty-five kg. He possesses dark brown eyes color and light brown hair. Besides, Ryan’s body construct type comes to average.

Quick Facts

He died his mom Waite, while he was twenty-two years old in 2020. Moreover, he was positioned 4th for attention for a well-known Performance award on the eleventh Leo Awards in 2009.

  • Ryan supposedly plotted to kill Canadian Chief Justin Trudeau.
  • Grantham possesses additionally starred within a few commercials.
  • He possesses an evaluated net worth from 500,000 dollars as from 2022.
  • He started working within the amusement industry at a young age.
  • Ryan additionally modeled in favor of several kids’ brands.
  • Grantham is neither active upon social media.

Awards and Nominations:

Ryan appeared nominated for an eleventh Monthly Leo Awards in favor of the most outstanding Acting actor. He was appointed for a Joey Awards, in Canada, within 2017. He was appointed for ACTRA/UBCP Awards in favor of Greatest Newcomer within 2012. Ryan won an VSFF Award in favor of Superior Male actor within 2012.

Ryan won a Young Master Award in favor of Better performance within a short film. Ryan was designated in favor of the Youthful Artist Award in favor of Best Performance within the short movie in 2010. He was selected for Leo Prize in favor of Best Guide Performance by an Male within a Characteristic Length Drama inside 2013.

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