Technologies That Might Change Online Gambling as We Know It

Online Gambling

If we go a few centuries back, we’ll see that they’ve been marked by technological and scientific progress. That hasn’t stopped – as a matter of fact, we’ve seen great technologic and scientific advancements in the past few decades. The ever-growing Internet technology adoption has changed all aspects of our life. It changed how we interact with technology and entertainment too.

One of the most notable fields where technology has made fantastic progress is the online gambling industry. It’s worth billions nowadays all around the world. You don’t need an online casino guide to tell you how to play the games. Slots and other online casino games are easier to play than in Vegas in a safe and secure virtual environment where you don’t need to share your name or bank details.

Technology has helped online gambling improve in many areas. The games are far better than they were before. New types of digital payment methods have made deposits and withdrawals instant. Cryptocurrencies are just starting to reshape this booming industry. On top of it all, there are new technologies that will surely change online gambling as we know it, and this change might come sooner rather than later.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already been applied to gambling sites. We’re seeing it in use at virtual tables. Players now have efficient playing options and can make easier and faster decisions thanks to better AI in games.

Of course, in the future, we’re expecting it to blossom further. We can imagine a future where all games will be hosted by a virtual AI hologram that will walk you through the options and even the game’s guide if you’re a newbie. It would take the experience up a notch for sure, although we’re still years off it.

AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality will significantly change the way we play casino games online. This isn’t a new technology – it has already been tested by some casinos. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to put VR goggles on our head and enter a casino where you can walk up to a table and sit on it to play.

Taking cards off the virtual table and arranging them in your hands would surely be much better than clicking on them with your mouse. AR will be implemented too, allowing you to interact with the world around you in a new way.

If you ask casinogoers and owners, AR and VR implementation can’t come soon enough to the online gambling industry.

Safe Payments

Read a Playamo casino review and you’ll find all the best payment options listed. It features the usual ‘culprits’ and Bitcoin too, allowing players to make fast and simple deposits and withdrawals. While all those options listed are fully safe and secure, the future will bring even safe payments to the online gambling front.

Sure, you can now deposit with PayPal in seconds and be done with it. However, new emerging payment technologies will make that even simpler. Most of these new technologies are focused on mobile payments so you can bet on the go without an issue.


One of those emerging payment technologies already used by the online gaming sector is the blockchain. The implementation of blockchain in online casinos has given players a more secure way to deposit and withdraw. Most importantly, it’s fully anonymous as the blockchain doesn’t need your personal data to confirm transactions.

It will surely evolve even more in the future with new cryptocurrencies arriving too. This is one of those technologies that’s already reshaping online gambling as we know it and will continue doing so.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has already made strides in competitive Esports games. It will arrive to online gambling sooner than most experts believe and will surely change the industry as we know it. What will it solve? Well, the first thing that it’ll bring is unlimited space for games. Bulky software will also be a thing of the past, and this is something that appeals to online casinos for sure.

High-resolution streams over the Internet are already a reality. As cloud gaming evolves, all of its problems will be fixed, essentially ushering in a new era of online gambling.

Even Better Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling is already here and players love it. As a matter of fact, most players prefer to play on the go. In the future, we expect this technology to improve even further, offering an even better and more authentic experience.

AR and VR will almost certainly be part of it, and we’re excited to see which direction mobile gambling goes.

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