USPA Nationwide Security: True Industry Leaders because of their Transparency

Almost two decades ago, the company was founded to protect women from trafficking and kidnapping.

The Kidnap Recovery Division of USPA Nationwide Security has made headlines in recent months for its once clandestine Kingsman division. In addition to performing and funding the rescue of women and children in the Ukraine, we have also located and rescued women from human trafficking here in the United States. Using the profits from USPA Nationwide Security’s traditional security services, Kingsman also offers free witness protection programs similar to those of the Marshals Service.

USPA provided the following breakdown of how they spent company profits:

Among the profits from USPA’s traditional security guard service, which includes executive salaries, 50% are allocated to executive salaries. These profits have been and continue to be used to fund investigations into missing children in the USA. Professionals such as private investigators, security consultants, informants, and others can help locate missing children.

USPA provides fire watch services across the country. More than half of the profits from fire watch services are used to investigate and rescue victims of human trafficking and to protect women who witness such crimes.

Since 2005, USPA Nationwide Security has provided close protection (bodyguards) across the United States. Salaries and infrastructure of the company are supported by profits from the bodyguard service. Nearly 50% of the domestic services they provide are bodyguard services.

Since 2005, USPA has operated in the Maldives, the United States, the British Virgin Islands, Aruba, and Cancun as well as all of the Caribbean Islands. Its profits are used to post rewards for missing children and women.

Several years ago, the company struggled to be profitable due to its insistence on using profits philanthropically, according to Brian Fitzgibbons, the Vice President of Operations. It has traditionally been the business model of most security companies to maximize profits from each client. They believe that their unique approach makes them a leader in the security industry.

In addition to providing close protection officers and fire watch guards, USPA also provides secure transport and maritime security services. There are franchise offices throughout the United States, as well as security contractors all over the world, and USPA provides technology, green initiatives, and customer service.

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