What is Planet IX or Planet 9?


In the outer regions of our solar system scientists talk about a hypothetical planet by the name of Planet Nine. The planet that spans 5 to 10 times that of earth has an orbit of 400 to 800 times the orbit of earth. The planets existence has baffled astronomers all over the world and some challenge it’s existence.

So why does a crypto play to earn game now exibit the same name as the hypothetical planet? A very smart move we think on our end as the name itself is super catchy and when searching the internet for Planet IX or Planet 9 you will find the wikipedia page that talks about the planet and the complexity around it’s structure. There is a lot to gain for utilizing the same concept as a hypotethical planet as you can mold it however you want which is what the game developers have choosen to do.

So what is a crypto play to earn game or gamefi as it is also considered?

It’s a game that is free tp play where the actions you perform in the game earn you tokens that you can then sell to others for real cash. If you are familiar with World of Warcraft it was similar to selling gold for real cash in marketplaces set up by users. This way you could get items by paying for them where others did the work. See that’’s where the gamefi abbreviation comes from, gaming & finance into one.

The future holds a lot of potential for people to just sit infront of their computers, play a game and make a living doing so. We are in truly exciting times so we hope that games like these set the standard for what should be.

In this particular game the game developers have created a cryptocurrency token called the IXT or IX token. It can be found on coinmarketcap.

So let’s get into Planet IX, upon entering the website you see words like “staking is live” which is also one of the things that help you make more money. The IXT token. Planet IX token or IX token as it is also called is an interesting piece of the puzzle, it is currently sitting at about 2 dollar / token and is initially utilized to purchase a harvester drone. With the harvester you will clean up trash from the Planet which in turn rewards you with another ingame currency that is used to buy land in the game and PIX.

The ingame look and feel and how they create their assets are beautiful, you do understand that the game developer has a lot of years of experience in 3D when a drone looks like this. Creating this standard models requires many years experience and only the best are able to create assets like this. When looking at everything they are doing, the trailers being launched we get the feeling that Planet IX is here to stay for a long time and that the next generation updates are going to blow players away.

Planet IX has reached a global player base and is growing rapidly, the discord is huge.

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