Which CCNP Enterprise exam should you take first?

The Cisco certifications’ procedure and requirements have undergone significant revisions since 2020. All CCNP certificates have been upgraded, and their current emphasis is on various specialties determined by employment positions. Choosing which CCNP test is necessary for a specific employment profile is now more difficult due to the changes and discover more for study materials.

There are currently several specialisations available for the CCNP Enterprise certification. Selecting the appropriate concentration exam depending on each employee’s work position gets crucial. There are six CCNP specialisation examinations. For a comprehensive understanding of the certification, consult our most recent blog post, the CCNP Enterprise guide and it will be a great post to read. However, this site aids students in knowledge that focuses on picking to equip them with the abilities needed to perform better at work.

  • Which CCNP Enterprise Specialty Exam Should You Take?

One of the most well-known certifications in the IT and networking industry is CCNP Enterprise. With this certification, you may show prospective employers that your staff is capable of designing complex corporate networks, putting them into operation, configuring them, and troubleshooting them.

A network engineer, systems engineer, support engineer, or network administrator has the skills and knowledge necessary for the job. The CCNP Enterprise certification proves that your staff has those skills and knowledge.

The CCNP Enterprise has no recognized prerequisites and gets another significant change to the new testing format. The CCNA certification is no longer required, but candidates must be well-versed in the technology before taking the exams.

You must pass two tests to become a CCNP Enterprise, the Core Exam and a Concentration Exam of Your Choice.

Step-1: Pass the below-recommended training and test to qualify for the Core exam.

Using and Maintaining Core Technologies for Cisco Enterprise Networks (Exam 350-401 ENCOR)

Step-2: Pass ANY ONE of the following training courses and exams to qualify for the Concentration exam:

Putting Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services into Practice (Exam 300-410 ENARSI)

Putting Cisco SD-WAN solutions in place (Exam 300-415 ENSDWI)

Cisco enterprise network design (Exam 300-420 ENSLD)

Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design (Exam 300-425 ENWLSD)

Putting Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks into Practice (Exam 300-430 ENWLSI)

Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions Implementation (Exam 300-435 ENAUTO)

  • Where You Start Specialisation in CCNP: Pick Wisely

Before certpocolypse, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) level specialties were accessible. The CCNA is now more fundamental because of a change in Cisco’s certification pathway. At the professional level, specialisation becomes possible when you earn a CCNP certification. To specialise in a particular field, you must first have a strong foundation in networking and hardware, which you may obtain at the CCNA level.

The lesson here is that you start to specialise with the CCNP. Make sure to pick a niche you’re interested in.

  • The 350-401 ENCOR Core CCNP Exam Gets Required for Everyone

Everyone must take the 350-401 ENCOR core test, regardless of the CCNP specialty course they want to take. The knowledge and concepts covered in this test pertain to business network management, security, and troubleshooting. All candidates for the CCNP must pass the core exam because the contents apply to all specialisations.

This kind of division has two advantages:

  • All CCNP-certified individuals have a set of fundamental abilities and values.
  • Exams for specialisation might concentrate on subjects gets most pertinent to the field.
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