Which Is Better? Pellet Stove Or Wood Stove

Wood Stove

A new type of fuel for domestic and industrial heating boilers – pellets, appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to make a splash and caused a real revolution in the heating industry. But until now, disputes around pellets have not subsided: experts and just interested people do not get tired of weighing the pros and cons of using pellets, and also compare them with other types of fuel. For example, the question remains very relevant today, which is better pellets or wood stove

Ecology and safety

It will be useful to start the discussion of this issue by clarifying the general characteristics and properties of these fuels. The main thing that unites wood stove and pellets is wood. The wood stove is a natural wood, the only processing of which is sawing and chopping, which results in logs of the desired size.

In the case of pellets, everything is much more complicated. They are produced from the waste of woodworking enterprises, mainly highly crushed sawdust. After appropriate preparation, they are pressed into small pellets. This is the pellets.

Thus, it is wood, as a raw material, that determines the main advantage of pellets and wood stoves as fuel. This is environmental cleanliness, as well as the safety of using private houses for heating in terms of the health of the people living in them. When burning wood stove and pellets, no harmful substances are released. So from this point of view, it is impossible to make a choice which is better than pellets and wood stoves

Fuel specifications

The main characteristics of any fuel include parameters such as heat of combustion and ash content. For wood stoves, this is 8 MJ, which are released during the combustion of 1 kg of logs, as well as ash content at the level of 2-5%. Both indicators largely depend on the type of wood and its moisture content. The more moisture is contained in the fibers, the worse the wood stove burns, the less heat is released, and the more waste remains.

The preparation of firewood, its storage, as well as the maintenance of a stove or wood-burning boiler, which from time to time can become clogged with ash – all these are additional chores and costs, which also need to be taken into account when deciding which is better pellets or wood stove. If you prefer pellets, you can find different pellet stoves for sale online.

Efficiency of heating devices

Also, when comparing what is better, a pellet stove or a wood stove, it is necessary to take into account the efficiency of the respective heating devices. For traditional wood stoves, this figure is 60%, while for modern pellet boilers, this efficiency is at the level of 93-95%.

That is, when heating with wood, almost half of the generated energy “flies into the pipe”, which is not very efficient from a financial point of view. In addition, pellet heaters have another significant advantage – they are equipped with an automatic fuel supply system to the combustion chamber. That is, it is enough to load a large amount of pellet granules into a special compartment of the boiler once and you can forget about the heating system for a certain time.

The most modern models can also independently maintain the temperature within a given interval, adjusting the consumption of pellets per unit of time accordingly. Naturally, the owners of wood-burning boilers are deprived of such an opportunity.


So, while in the dispute about what is better a pellet stove or a wood stove in all respects, pellets prevailed. But there is one characteristic, from the point of view of which, a wood stove has no and will not be equal. It’s availability. Firstly, a wood stove is the cheapest type of fuel today, the inhabitants of the forest area can generally harvest it on their own. But even if you buy ready-made, sawn and chopped wood stoves, their cost will be much lower than the price of pellets.

But by and large, the point is not even the price, but the fact that firewood can be obtained anywhere and in any required quantity. At the same time, pellets are now available only in large cities, and even then they are sold only in specialized stores. Try to find them somewhere in the countryside on the periphery. Even if you manage to do this, the cost of the pellets will be prohibitive, but the quality, for sure, is very low.

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