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People nowadays are more attracted to making money. Online sources are getting preferred as a medium to make money for the people. The online mediums also include social media apps, and because of these, making money is not a hard task. Apart from making money, people are behind fame these days, and the social media platform serves the same purpose for fame too. So, the people who need both fame, as well as money, are trying to find a suitable medium. So, there is no suitable medium other than the Youtube. If you want these things for you, then you must try to create an account on Youtube. Other than creating the account, there are some other things to which you should pay attention. So, this article will demonstrate or tell you everything about creating Youtube channel.

youtube channel

How to create and set up Youtube channel?

Let us have an eye on the process of making Youtube account or channel. These are the steps to which you should pay attention.

Make the Google account first for youtube channel

The Google account is the necessity to make any of the social media or other accounts. If you have the Google account, then you can simply sync that information with the Youtube. If you do not have the Google account, then we will suggest you make one. You will just have to make an email and put the needed information. Some people use fake information to make the account or use funny or irrelevant names. We will suggest not doing that. Try to be as decent as possible so that the audience can connect with you.

Know you purpose for youtube channel

Other than creating the account, there are some other things to which you should pay attention. So, this article will demonstrate or tell you everything about creating Utube channel.

The making of a Google account was a simple stage. But, the thing you should know is why are you making Youtube account? What is the purpose? Do you just want to be famous? Do you want to promote your brand? Or do you want to make money? This should be known because the upcoming process will depend on this information, and you will have to fill the blank spaces according to this.

Create the Youtube account

A personalized YouTube account is immediately created when you sign up through a Google account. However, if you intend to utilize YouTube for business, you will need to create a Brand Account. Simply go to the YouTube account page, select Create a Channel, then give the Brand Account a title. You’ve been accepted! You may give several persons access permission and personalize the description as well as the appearance of your YouTube brand marketing Account to reflect your brand whenever you create one. The benefit of these brand account is they give you access to the Youtube analytics.

Youtube analytics

Youtube analytics is simply the technique through which you can track your success. All the creators use this technique to keep themselves updated. The Youtube analytics will demonstrate how many people have watched your videos, how many likes you got during the day, as well as how many people just subscribe. Apart from that, you will also be able to know the famous topics of the day and how your competition is doing and if there is a new competition within your field. In short, apart from creating an account, you have to keep your eyes open too.


Now that you have created an account, the next step is to customize it. You will have the right on this page and will regard it as your personal page. First, you will see a dashboard in your channel; go there. Then there will be three tabs in the front of you.

  1. Layout
  2. Branding
  3. Basic information

Enter the information in all of these tabs because this will help in optimizing the channel for the discovery purposes of your channel. We will suggest you to use the descriptive keywords so that you will be discoverable in searches. In addition, you’ll be able to submit the channel graphics as well as logos beneath Branding to offer the channel a distinct look.

Start uploading

So, this was the simplest whole process to make the account or channel. Now is the time to start uploading. You can upload any video that you find attractive and interesting. We will suggest you upload the introductory video first. The introductory video will display and tell the purpose of your channel. In this way, the people will be more connected, and this will be the professional start also. After that video, you can upload meaningful videos. Another thing that you should try is the appropriate editing that can just enhance your video. Never overdo the editing and try to be natural.

Do the SEO of Youtube Channel

The best technique that almost every Youtuber uses is SEO. The SEO will do all the necessary processes that you require to be known or discoverable. You will just have to invest some money in this and find a trustable company for this. The people of the agency will do the SEO and monetization of your channel or account. Half of the process will be done by doing this, and you will see improvement in every aspect of your channel or account, be it the likes, views, or subscription. You will also become discoverable on the top videos during searches. If you think that the SEO is only restricted to the likes and views, than you are highly wrong. The agency will also promote your brand and look for the audience that is according to your brand or channel and direct that audience towards your channel.


Try some optimization

The optimization is all up to you, but if you want an agency to do that for you too, then you can. Here are some tips:

  • Use the descriptive keywords for the video.
  • Try to be concise.
  • Try to use the hashtags with the descriptive keywords because these will help you in discovery.
  • If you have social media accounts, then upload the Youtube links of your page and videos to attract an audience.
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